Wed 13 Dec, 2017 02:29 am
4kings wrote:
fist_hand.png Emoticons at last.
Hian, see them
dogstyle007 wrote:
Where is the smiley ???? 


Wed 13 Dec, 2017 02:33 am
dhtml wrote:
4kings wrote:fist_hand.png Emoticons at last.Hian, see them
dogstyle007 wrote:Where is the smiley ???? joy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.png
Haha was actually looking for them oh... but you hide them  but I kinda find it difficult to use oh... the way it’s placed somehow had sha


Wed 13 Dec, 2017 05:58 am
It is not hard at all my brother, is just that the new system takes getting used to. It is placed after the code tag which is fine, because I still say that code tag is more important than emoticons. By the way there was a stylesheet bug earlier which i have fixed, that way why the favicons were not showing properly in your earlier quote.