Mon 12 Nov, 2018 02:04 am

Clarifying you a bit. Mint, Debian... Are Linux flavors, same Linux installation you get, just very minor differences like folder structure, choice of desktop application, etc...

They are Linux. So now, we have just 3 main OSs to deal with. Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. Linux and Macintosh are Unix based OS, ypou get nearly same feature in both. What differs is the difference in Android devices of same Android versions, same OS(Android) different design and implemented features.

But, Macintosh got more for you, less configuration and more features than Linux. Back to the topic. From what is on the ground and what does work too IMHO, if the cash is there, get a Macintosh and insure it - imagining efforts to restore another if stollen, as Naija be. If MAC is no go area, there are two options. If you are ready to learn you can get to move with Linux quickly.

You will have to learn a lot, the tactic unlearn and relearn is useful here, as you will have to uninstall some Windows thinking in your brains memory for new Unix way of doing things you are to learn.

And you must love command line to use both of them, that of Mac is minimal to Linux. Lastly, if all the above is no go, use the most installed OS. You get lots of tools and apps and you are already familiar with it based on previous usage. It all depends on what you want, and how much (time and resources) you can afford.