I'm having serious issues here.I'm using PHPMailer for my send mails for the new …

Thu 22 Nov, 2018 07:33 am

I'm having serious issues here.

I'm using PHPMailer for my send mails for the newsletter script of a job site. They have been complaining that emails hosted on office365 or live or hotmail are not delivering to inbox but spam folder. All subscribers using emails within the domain are not receiving emails to inbox.

Please I need assistance on how to battle this situation. Worked all night but no resolution. 



Thu 22 Nov, 2018 07:58 am

I had this same challenge some time back, I changed to swift mailer and that solved the problem.
Another thing is that, it is possible they could have flagged that email account. Try sending an email without using phpmailer and see what happens to it first.
If situation still persist, you can consider looking at other areas that might be of concern e.g. ensuring that no spamming is happening e.t.c

If all that does not resolve the matter, then we need to consider changing the IP address of the mail sender.


Thu 22 Nov, 2018 09:55 am

Let me try sending without PHPMailer to see what happens. 

What's the big difference between PHPMailer and Swift mailer?


Thu 22 Nov, 2018 09:57 am

There is not much difference between phpmailer and swift mailer. But I observed this difference all the same, I cannot explain why I get a better result with swift mailer.
That is why I stopped using phpmailer to be honest. Even laravel uses swiftmailer by default, there must be a good reason for that.


Thu 22 Nov, 2018 07:36 pm

In that case, you need to get a new IP address or smtp host. The one you are using has been black-listed and will keep entering spam.