Sun 02 Dec, 2018 07:45 pm

There is a general rule to development, namely, anything you want to develop, you need to research it properly.
For example, I can design regular windows desktop applications because I know the languages to use, and have studied regular windows app very thoroughly.
If you wish to develop your own programming language, you can. But the questions are:
1. Why will you want to do that?
2. Have you studied existing programming languages well enough so that you can design something BETTER.


Sun 02 Dec, 2018 07:57 pm
How long will the project live, what resource is available.


Sun 02 Dec, 2018 08:12 pm
Am not planning on creating a programming language,, i just want to get the idea behind it... What can be used to create the language


Sun 02 Dec, 2018 08:30 pm

That is a recursive question, a programming language is used to create programming languages.
Even languages like Python, C can be used to create programming languages.

Lord Jerry

Sun 02 Dec, 2018 10:43 pm
Creating a programming language really isn't easy I am currently studying how compilers work I want to contribute to a programming language (astrolang) I must confess it's really not easy... The dude I wanna work with as been on the language for 2 years plus now.... Just imagine


Mon 03 Dec, 2018 08:11 am
Experimental/Learning, to side project, to open source.
@lord_jerry the guy is trying jare.