A very short conversation between me and a bot pretending to be human, it was ac …

Mon 31 Dec, 2018 12:52 pm

A very short conversation between me and a bot pretending to be human, it was actually a pop up dialog (kinda like a chat with online staff) on a website

Anna: I'm online, my name is Anna,  how are you

Me: *thinking its a human* I'm fine

Anna: Good,  are you a day trader?

Me: nah, are you?   Lol

Anna: Before we go ahead, can I get your mail address, incase we get lost, I can always get back to you

Me: *suspecting Anna is a bot* No way I'm dropping my mail

Anna: Oops.. Can you enter a valid mail address

Me: hahahahahaha forgerrit

Initially I thought Anna was human, until she couldn't figure out if I'm   willing to drop my mail or not

You see, AI can't reason on their own, as a matter of fact, they can't think outside the context of their codes



Mon 31 Dec, 2018 04:01 pm

This is interesting, writing bots is what i am now learning to do


Mon 31 Dec, 2018 04:52 pm

@SIlverG33k You'll be amazed when you see better bots that interact better. They will convince you when you're not dropping the email when they require it. They have been trained to understand your many responses until you finally drop your email address. It all depends on the training the bot has gotten. 


Mon 31 Dec, 2018 07:34 pm
The best at the moment as I have experienced is computer-human solution. It takes a super computer to identify a cat while a 3-4 year old can solve flawlessly. I am no way disputing against AI, we have Siri etc. But to me, having computer do tasks on their own is a thing for the next century habitants to figure out. Research can be on going to keep the improving, but waiting to have a complete and better solution as we see in SciFi movies, I believe we are not there yet.