Sun 06 Jan, 2019 02:55 pm
Presenting your app,

And when you click this butttton, it wi wi will show another fo f f form.
Sorry, that's a bug. *desperate* *disappointed*

Basically when you click you are supposed yo see another form to continue


Sun 06 Jan, 2019 03:44 pm
There are some bugs that pop up after the deadline or while presenting your app.

They are frustrating and targets the deadliest part of the body, their aim is just to ruin everything and make the programmer feel incompetent.

Like presenting to client:
After you log in, it reloads the page and shows theeeeeee..... Daaashboooaaard

Loading never stops, the programmer will be wondering, what did I do wrong, I tested it before I got here. I tested it before I sent it to them. And worst part, might be a new line or comma or semi colon or any syntax stuff due to a recent change you made.

To reduced these errors to the nearest minimum, a good test that covers the code base should be put in place.


Sun 06 Jan, 2019 06:00 pm
This limistah na comedian.... Lolzz Swears, if I tell the bug I faced today, the app I did has a one time registration and login on first page.... After weeks of coding, I decide to run the app from scratch, like uninstall and start login again Alas, the app no gree register or login, Shooo, how I'm I supposed to present an app that works well but won't register or log in any user, u get my point? Like without user authentication, dem no go see how the app be ?


Sun 06 Jan, 2019 07:13 pm
Now you picture the whole scenario. And even some very little bugs that you won't notice would be preparing a welcome party at the moment.

In the end, they DIE and get a GRAND BURIAL