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Wow!!! Been out for months.

anguishedanguishedAfricoders is now amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Weldone Sir DHTML.clappingclappingclapping</div ... See More

Hey guys. Up Nigeria!!! fisthandsoccer-ball

Is there a platform where one can quickly design an interface(using drag and drop) and get the html/css/js code generated automaticallyrelievedrelieved

Has anyone done any project on ROBOTICS, ROBOTIC SIMULATIONS, or anything related?

How is it like to you?, what tool did you use, rasberry pi, arduino etc?

I only have two little experiences with robotics:

1) The first is using Blender3d and the python scripting for robotics simulation.

I'm still working on a project in my free time; constructing the kinematics of a bicycle and a humanoid character, to perform test with machine learning algorithm to teach the humanoid robot to walk and ride a bicycle, in the virtual environment.

As simple as it sounds to model a bicycle and a humanoid character, i've not gotten it right for a month now, mostly because of the kinematics. html> ... See More

Hey guys my friend sent me. So to anyone interested:

"In need of 5 young programmers - fresh graduates who are good at code. Salary would be between 300-400k monthly 
A lot of travel and travel allowances. 

... See More

Who can write a code(preferably in python) for a 3d simulation of stage by stage growth of an organism in a 2d image, within 2 days.
If you can chat me up for a gig, thanks.

Happy New Year Africoders. 
Merry Christmas Africoders!!! 
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