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Can Youtube diskspace ever get fiiled?


what language can be  used to build ai chat bot 

Good morning all.

Please i need .htaccess code to redirect http to https.

Any hep?
I heard some guys having argument about the best php frame work.

So i decided to bring the discussion down to africoder. "Which PHP framework do you think his the best your reasons"

Why do senior developers call PHP a shit Language?
Hello Guys, it been a long break.. Now am back.

The question here is that if you are been offered 50 million to quit programming after spending years and becoming Senior dev. Will you Accept/Not

Honest Answer Needed

Guys, This is very question i have been battling with for long..

And the Question his: Programming Or Mathematics  Which is more Hard, 

When answering Pls Give Reasons why u think so.

How many months/Year do i need to study programming before i get employed as a junior Dev?
Hello Bosses Please I need review on this my login page, and how can i improve on front-end ....

... See More

Good day bosses...
I need advice I was told Ubuntu isn't too cool so I need ur advice which other OS do u tink will be good... Mint, Debian, or Linux
Which 1 should I use tanks
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