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Hey All! I have been away distracted positively by numerous projects. I have a task for anyone who is capable of handling a new project. I have a handful of obligations  to accomplish and are strictly time-bound and can't dabble into another one just yet.

Here goes:

"Hi Paul, 

Thanks for the sincere feedback 

I can understand that you are busy but since you asked, what I want to accomplish is to build an Automatic Speech Recognition system for the Yoruba language using CMU Sphinx and
... See More

I commend all the work done here so far..Amazing!!!

The latest is the new design and features I am seeing on
I need a cartoon animator, let me know the cost, thanks Note: It is a 10 min cartoon documentary
Guys permit me to introduce an alternative to Say It Africa, a social media platform for Africans where you can connect with people from the 54 member nations of the African Union (AU) so as to socialize, share, post, commen with a point system in place, which simply means you could earn from your constructive posts, uploads, comments, likes, shares, etc. as the community grows. It is not a coding platform but simply a social media network community of African voices, there are members from the African Union and more The Android app is ready for direct download and on the Aptoide store but I am still working on the Windows and Ios versions. Kindly visit

Alright, so I logged into nairaland after almost a year and found out that someone mentioned me in a post, requiring a solution to an algorithm. I suggested Africoders and after posting, I found out that Africoders has been censored and automatically changed to "Nairaland"..Tony you and Seun still dey fight nii? On second note, this coding forum has gone through quick transformation..Good work, Africoders Team!

Shame on you guys who are trying to test your fake hacking skills on site that is yet to be fully propagated. If you think you can hack, let me give a bone to crack.

Una download pdf come install linux, buy glo 50mb dey form hacker abi..abeg make una just chill o
I don't know if it is just me but I think the new loading effect tend to give user an impression that the app is kinda slow. I think the default click to view pages is cool.

Also, page still loads for every posted comment an Ajax call and refresh would be great, in all weldone!
@goldenboi 530 members as at 11pm yesterday if my auto mem script works
Dhtml i sent you a whatsapp message, kindly check, by the way good development here but lots of work to be done
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