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Happy sunday everyone, thanks for all the people dropping their various feature suggestion. And appreciation to facebook for approving the freebasics version, all these information are being used to work on an upgraded version.
Paystack has given some setback due to not supporting the payment structure my team had in mind for the gigs upcoming feature, that is part of the cause of the delay in updates.

How do you programmers relax when you are stressed out and cant code?

What is the best way of writing a REST API with PHP?

Which singular programming language bring you the most cash out of all the stacks you use?

What is the latest trend in programming?

Finally, them don approve africoders freebasics version. Waiting for final publication so that we can launch that too.

Here is a snippet on something I am working on right now:

{ "070010": "ABBEY MORTGAGE BANK-070010", "044": "ACCESS BANK PLC-044", "323": "AccessMobile-100013", "090134": "ACCION MICROFINANCE BANK-090134", "090160": "ADDOSSER MICROFINANCE BANK-090160", "100028": "AG MORTGAGE BANK PLC-100028", "090133": "AL-BARAKAH MICROFINANCE BANK-090133", "090180": "AMJU UNIQUE MICROFINANCE BANK-090180", "090116": "AMML MFB-090116", "401": "ASO SAVINGS AND LOANS-401", "090117": "Boctrust Microfinance Bank-090117", "090148": "BOWEN MICROFINANCE BANK-090148", "070015": "BRENT MORTGAGE BANK-070015", "317": "CELLULANT-317", "090154": "CEMCS MICROFINANCE BANK-090154", "001": "CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA-001", "303": "ChamsMobile-303", "090144": "CIT MICROFINANCE BANK-090 ... See More

What is the main language to learn to this year people? I hear someone saying GOLANG.

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