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I am please to announce that our "GIGS" will soon be available, just a few more things to put in place. 
The original plan was to interface it directly into this website, but polls made it clear that is better it lives in a sub-domain as it is a separate service on its own --- so the plan is to move it here - https://jobs.africoders.com/
Although, activities happening there will reflect on the main website (africoders.com). It will soon be opened, people should just be patient.
However, if you have any feature suggestion, you can say it. I am always willing to hear the views of my fellow developers (one tree cannot make a forest).

I appreciate everyone that has reached out to me concerning our upcoming "GIGS" something. I dont have much information for the community on this at the moment, when I do, I shall share it.

Fire is one thing that developers need to be wary of. You can easily lose all your documents, hardware, software, work that you struggled so much to developer.

Happy weekend guys, anyone with any idea of how to liven things up a bit? Maybe organize some e-fighting with codes, blah blah blah. Maybe quiz competitions or whatever, let me throw it open for the house.

Guys, we need to do be organising competitions here now? What do you guys think?

Why does the average Nigerian think that a programmer is a PC Repair Man?

I want to appreciate all those that have been catching bugs relentlessly here, session bugs, cookie bugs, css bugs, device compatibility bugs e.t.c in fact too many bugs to count. 

Hi everyone, the issue with login has been resolved, you can now login freely once again. Apologies to everyone that was unable to login earlier.

Good day everyone, our gigs feature will soon come up. So that all our talented people can really start getting to work. More information will be available as time goes on.
Just know that the Africoders team are on the job and results will be out soonest!

Feliz Semana guys, hope you have a lovely weekend.
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