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Hi everyone, I appreciate all the reviews that has been trollin' in anyhow. Everything you see is based on all those reviews, there is still more on the way, and the money-seeking programmers - don't worry, your interests will be taken care of too.

@Ayo, your post was throwing an exception - i will still ask you later how you made that post sha.

Maybe you should try do that post again make we see wetin dey do am.

Happy weekend people, I appreciate all the reviews and i am working fast and furious to see what to do about them.

I wanna appreciate all my great tech friends and their numerous bug reports e.t.c It has been a wonderful experience clearing up those bugs.
I want to believe that things are relatively stable for now, I will still appreciate more bug reports though.

I am trying to build a very simple responsive javaScript cart, I am presently examining this solution - http://techlaboratory.net/smartcart/demo/basic - anyone with a better suggestion?

Announcement: I am working on an upgrade feature and things are bound to scatter a bit. 
You can just login with your regular accounts and passwords (no need to reset password), social logins still work (though some of the handles have been removed).

The updates are rather subtle, and you may just not notice them unless you have been paying really good attention.

New Features/Updates
- security feature to throw out other logged in accounts when you change password
- implementing a proper search algorithm, no longer using the google cse stuff which does not really give the result in the proper format. 
- the profile avatar setting has improved. Now you can have your original picture and recrop anytime you like, plus the cropping is better ... See More

I am working on push notification to assist people with keeping track of what is happening, e.g. when your post has been responded to and other things. For now, just subscribe to the push notification by clicking on the bell on the bottom right corner - I would not wish to stress people by a COMPULSORY popup.

Happy new month my friends

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