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Happy new week people!

Happy Easter people, I hope you all enjoyed the break, I appreciate all the reviews sent to me so far, I will be implementing them very shortly, yeah, push notifications and ability to follow members will be included.
And yes, the mobile users have issues with posting, that too is being addressed speedily.

For the OPERA mini users, I apologize for the inability to post, the issue is being worked on. Thanks

Happy new year people. As some of you might have noticed, we are moving forward slowly but surely. And I am pleased to inform you that our skully bot is fully activated and is working all round the clock in the background to monitor things going on.

Good day people, hope you are all having a great week!
So far so good. nice ride. Just some little typing mistakes.Vote up! Vote down!Points: 0You voted ‘up’Top

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I will love to appreciate those people clicking on the report link, I want to assure you that every single report are read and shall be acted on promptly.
A few things are being put in place for the aforementioned "skully" to work smoothly and not disturb the good board members.
  1. I appreciate all your contributions so far, especially those chatting me up on social media, and helping to fix issues.
  2. You can now change your profile picture from your settings should in case you wish to do just that.
  3. You can build up your profile details now. That is why my profile looks the way it does (peep to see).
  4. There is a lot of behind the scenes going on too, very soon you will be follow people of interest and receive notifications too.
I guess that is it for tonight, happy weekend people. I would have said the first moderator that KILLS a spammer will be rewarded, but strange, no spammer in sight for miles (believe me, I checked). Maybe they are hiding behind an Iroko tree.
Hi people, I apologize for the user with the users not being able to login, it was due to a minor server problem which has been resolved.
I appreciate those that reported the issue, and I will further encourage
people to use the contact page at the bottom of the site to reach out
in case there are issues.
Hola guys, we still dey here o. Finding and fixing minor issues to make everything work as smoothly as possible.
Thanks for understanding!!
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