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Profile picture uploading and cropping come up sometime today. So that people like Lord Jerry can finally upload their profile pictures make we see them big head.

By the way, should in case your important posts are missing in the forum, kindly let me know. The forum migration was not as fast as I would have loved, and there is possibility of missing posts (but this can be addressed when reported).

And their might be missing users too, but you can always signup. But should in case your new account is not associated with your old posts, well use the contact page and reach out for assistance in linking your new account with the old content (or even recovering your old account).
I want to use this opportunity to thank all of you messaging me on different platforms on bugs and issues. I am working very hard to straighten them out.
Welcome to the new Africoders people!!
smile_sweat.pngsmile_sweat.pngsmile_sweat.pngsmile_sweat.pngsmile_sweat.pngsmile_sweat.pngsmile_sweat.pngsmile_sweat.pngsmile_sweat.pngsmile_sweat.pnghtml> ... See More
Happy sunday people!
Happy new week people, hope you all enjoyed your independence, chopping chicken and everything. For me, I have been busy coding, sanitizing codes, fixing bugs in the beta version, and also meeting with the Africoders Team.
Hopefully, our beta version should be landing sometime this week to give an all new experience.
Hi guys, I apologize for the bug on this frontpage, I also wish to use this opportunity to inform you that a lot of development work is going on in the background to improve the entire site.
Thanks for bearing with me.
Happy Sunday guys, after looking through all the reviews, I came to one conclusion, that the website must be divided into 2.

[Desktop Users]
They want a faster site (than this), more engaging, smileys e.t.c

[Mobile Users]
These guys use stuffs like opera mini, uc browser and do not really have much data to throw around, so they want simplicity.

I am neutral, I have to favour both of these guys so that there wont be WAR.

The mobile users will eventually be sent packing to this place https://m.africoders.com (I am still furnishing the place sha)
The desktop users will eventually be sent packing here ... See More
We have finished phase 1 of Africoders, phase 2 has begun. Many things are going to be improving. And most importantly, the mobile and desktop site are going to be different.
Site is going to run faster too, due to a lot of infrastructural change.
Hi people, the new upgrades are getting really really ready to come out. I am going to improve things a bit, all of your reviews are being taken into account - smileys, emotions e.t.c even the mobile users.
I am battling to complete a native Android chat app here. using NODE https://socket.io with a socket client to implement it.
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