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I am looking at the polls, it looks as if we have no codeigniter and yii developer here.
Shout-out to all Africoders (both old and new), it will be good to have all of you back on board.
Announcement: there are a few updates:
1. You can rate contents e.g. forum topics, blog posts, web links using a 5-star rating system.
2. You can vote comments upandan on the contents above.
3. If you are interested in writing blog articles, let me know so that I can upgrade your perms. I dont want spammers flooding the blogs/comments or I would have left it open for everyone.
Update: new messages are meant to troll in on top. When you post/share a new message, well, it is meant to submit via ajax and update itself.
When new comments troll in on a thread, it just enters like that. That is the intended behaviour for now.

More updates to come on this one, but at least you wont have to keep reloading everything. Now this has only been tested well on PC, I will profile on mobile later.
Update: I have started ajaxifying this stuff. There are many steps involved, I have gotten rid of the bottom scrollers, so it now uses an infinity loader, but your comments and posts are not live yet, and you still need to refresh to see new posts.
But the wind is changing. . . .all those ones too will soon undergo change.
It is time to make this stuff real-time, I have a script on my old site just for this. I need to dust it up and reactivate it. Since the theme seems relatively stable for now.
Theme/UI Update: Africoders is now compatible with Opera Mini and UC Browser. Though the support is not 100% and will increase over time.
But it works well on google chrome, I have not done tests on all browsers, but that will happen over time. For now, this is where we are.
For the record, I restarted this new version of Africoders exactly 2 weeks ago with some support of some developer friends though.
So don't expect everything to be pitch perfect just yet. But I appreciate all the reviews, suggestions, bug reports, screen shots, advices e.t.c that you guys have been giving, they are really helpful.

To be continued. . . . . .
To those viewing Africoders on mobile browser, I apologize for all the issues, I shall soon solve that. It was important for me to complete the desktop compatibility first.
I shall now address the mobile concerns to speed things up there too. I appreciate you all.
Hi everyone, I wish to apologize for the down-times, the pulling down, rebuilding, killed profile pictures, those that got harrashed by the automated spam bot (e.g. you were trying to post comment and your post kept vanishing), those that were banned by the same spam bot, those who failed to get their registration mails earlier before that was solved.
I want you guys to realize that this new build of Africoders was restarted from the scratch with the assistance of drupal about 1 week 6 days ago. So this new platform is just about 2 weeks old - so we are still in pre-alpha stage as far as I am concerned.

What this means is that, you are still going to be seeing lots of changes here and there. And will also find bugs too - which when reported will be looked at.

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Apologies to everyone for my absence in the forums, I am battling with this frontpage something. I want to make it real-time like Facebook so that we can have some more fun. You can see that the theme has changed somewhat - still not perfect though, but we are getting closer by the day.
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