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Status feeds started by dhtml

Hola everyone, a lot of updates are going on still especially the theme. The theme is not complete mind you.
Will be back with more updates. I appreciate all the updates and for those lending a helping hand, thank you all very much.
Testing the shared post @kay was talking about on mobile. Hmm, let me see.
Guys, I just finished adding MARK DOWN FORMAT as one of the text-formats that can be used in the forums. And I am still working on fixes, I want to appreciate everyone that has contributed so far to making this a success.
Hi everyone, as you can see this is a very new site. I have been able to import users from the former website to this new one. So if you registered before, what you will need is to reset your password.

And if you notice any bugs, dont hesitate to communicate either through this home page, or even a private message, or use the contact form.
I appreciate all those reviews from you guys, the list of the reviews for this small site is very very long, but I am taking them in order of priority.
Hi people, as you all probably know. We are still testing the whole thing for bugs and correcting things upandan, once again the delete for statuses have been activated.
Happy Sunday people!
am just catching my fun no
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