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How I manage to StackOverflow responsive font-size reading about 5 samples with me input of course

$(window).resize(function() {     var fontSize = $(window).width()/
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For Nairaland Addict who hate those spam banners, addthis to your Adblocker Rule[src*="talkoon"][src*="000ou"][src*="wa"][src*="screenshot"]

If you don't want to see all those Twitter Instagram reactions screenshot addthis[src*="img"]

You can add other patterns/rules

=>Referer Points/Badge

=> Seniority Badge

#feature_alert #suggestion

find plugins -type d -print0 |xargs -0 chmod 755
chmod on directories () alone excluding files. not sure if -R switch is necessary

IDK what am looking for .... and so Domain registrar for is

Someone should tell me if am going to regret moving all my 7 websites to a $5/m VPS

Am planning to start using Yoruba version of Lorem Ipsun


If you remember the piece above, salute to you BOSS!!!

Anyway am the 1st to get a dislike on Africoder, because I dislike my own commentblush

Since CSS3 no get parent Selector...i will do it manually by myself

$('p').each(function() {
  var className = $(this).attr('class');

Am sure our grandchildren will have a simple and better solution

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