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#FeatureRequest Can We #Bringback the Trending Widget in Left sidebar either as a Link or BoxCloud. The Logo could also have and a background pattern representing African Colors. Also I don't think there is need for forum topic icon

#feature_alert The footer is not useful with the post autoload more, it should be moved to right-sidebar, and i don't know if am the only one who thinks the man content area is too wide the right side will still be needed anyway

I think We need a *Default Homepage*

O my God, how i wish am a coder i would have create Drupal Module for

Now am content

I find it weird when people think am a programmer, because I do web design, especially these day I render a lot of stuff
My response to Sis. Janet thats singing what shall I render...






How much can it cost me to start Online Recharge Card Site and any possible API Gateway

Plsssss, epp me

O Almighty God please help tell @dhtml that I cannot find the *Send PM* of AfriCoders
Wow Wow Wow
Al last Mugabe will have no option than to leave
The SPAM guy will be crying now
Each time i login am not redirect back to homepage. Let say am on / then click the login I am being taken to /.
some forum use to behaved like that

I hate coding but #Drupal keep pushing me towards it.
@dhtml will you recommend having clusters of custom module or pack them inside one package, especially those one with not more than 10 lines
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