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Wow Wow Wow
Al last Mugabe will have no option than to leave
The SPAM guy will be crying now
Each time i login am not redirect back to homepage. Let say am on / then click the login I am being taken to /.
some forum use to behaved like that

I hate coding but #Drupal keep pushing me towards it.
@dhtml will you recommend having clusters of custom module or pack them inside one package, especially those one with not more than 10 lines
If you are a Religious Programmer you cant do w/o being discrete on phone call, when you are church members
1=> Hey John I like to **Fork** your code on git
2=> Sam I just sent you the mail, check your **spam**
Seriously I think #Drupal Custom Search module Is useless to me, where you can make use of View Expose Filter, the Exposed form in block : Yes
@dhtml i think you pack all the #drupal custom modules inside one dir especially
In PHP which of these is more wicked
EPP me #Drupal is running in my blood. I was reading Bible Yesterday and I came across a word but what comes to my mind was Drupal render()
author wrote:
Zechariah 9:12
Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope: even to day do I declare that I will render double unto thee;
I think I can Finally have somewhere to rest
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