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This will eventually be the first online haven for African coders, where we can all share our thoughts and works. And we will all contribute to make this happen..

A.I M.L in Nigeria

We as developers in Nigeria have a penchant to consume both trends and tools used mostly by our brethren from the other side. We consume latest frameworks and libraries then go to meetup and vehemently defend our favourite and troll the rest. Without actually contributing to the creation of these technologies.
The latest in this spree of consumption is the whole A.I M.L trend, I have been wondering if I do jump into this wagon like I do before now, but it got me wondering whether the Nigerian space has really grown to the extent it requires A.I an M.L, or are we as techies just chanting along with our brethren from the other side again.
I recently saw this tweet by mark and it perfectly fit into my thought process.
https://twitter.com/markessien/statu ... See More

Ok, I just got here after some time, I like what I see.

Error report: when you open a section in a forum ex javascript, the navbar covers the two first topics.
Ok, this idea has been running in my head for some time now.
I have just started learning javascript as a second language and i will love to build something tangible with it. Tangible and simple.
I will love some members of AC (Africoders) to join me in it. it will be a web app and mobile app, don't worry if you don't know how to build on mobile patform, I will explain how to convert the web app to mobile app during the course of our development. We will use phonegap for that.

Full Idea:
The Igbo culture and some other African cultures mark the days of the week with market names, and there are four market days... Continue here https://africoders.com/forum/new-app ... See More
Oga @DHTML my finger don dey pain me oh, It's getting tired of clicking see more and see less for every post. Abeg lets increase the characters number for a post nah, I click see more for every post. My finger go fall oh...Bikonu
What is on your mind kwa? Oga @dhtml, this one nah facebook ni?
new theme, nice...
Lets do this once more
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