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For the fun of it, what language(s) will you like to learn/know. Basically just syntax, no deep learning.

Me: C++, smalltalk, lua.
What is your recent challenge?

Mine: I started an overhaul for a codebase after my last weekend visit to DHTML, the reason for the overhaul is that the codebase is a mess filled with bugs. So, I planned adding tests to it. But you know what, I was able to complete the authentication and basic authorization for users in just s couple of days. But been writing test for it since the past four days. I just have a break through with the authorization test for basic user and Super Admin, Still have three more authorization level to test.

What keeps me going is seeing the test failed and wanting to have them run each time. Also, I was able to bootstrap the app level functionality test, so I am happy seeing them run each time I rerun them.

Morale, I can confidently modify p ... See More
You see a good programmer listens and looks for an opportunity to improve that person’s process, and every other person in the chain of events. A good programmer sees their vocation not as a burden, but as an opportunity.

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React released new APIs called hooks. More like VueJS mixins, but more powerful than that. If there is something I love react for, it is the ability to control anything using JS. And still, JS is awesome!


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I just learnt a short circuit form of these logical operators.

To my fellow react guys.

Tell the output in each case:

// Define the component to old our text const Text = ({text}) => (



// Consume it here const App = ({text}) => (     

{text && }


// Case 1 ReactDOM.render(, insertNode);

// Case 2 ReactDOM.render(, insertNode);

Note there is a more clearer syntax that uses the ternary (logic ? truthReturn : falseReturn).

I just learnt this from reading through  ... See More

I told some one yesterday, I can't be coding all my life and miss seeing latest movies and still develop my skills. He had the opposite view, which I understand.

To keep being good you just have to keep coding nearly every day, but of keep being expert, you have to read other people's code, learn their patterns and techniques. This is when the programmer is above the beginner level, more of an intermediate/senior level stuff.

To me, I apply what I have learnt from real life, I use patterns that I get from movies, defense, styles all can be gotten when you interact with others.

Good artist copy, great artist steal.

My lecturer once told me, technology was never transferred, it lives up in the head and stolen with the owner's consent through books, teaching or sort, or indirectly using s ... See More

Why will you want to use latest JavaScript syntax over vanilla JS?

As programmers, we need concentration as we use our only flow process for programming and nothing else matters when we code. What has been that special way you keep the maximum attention.

I listen to music when there is less concentration required.

And video games soundtrack or music I know not, when there is a need for a very high concentration level.

What is your worst git experience?

Mine: Never knew a colleague forgot to rebase my commits. So, I had to go back to our last merged commits, getting all my changes (of nearly 3 days of active coding) cleared off the tree. The fear of loosing all those changes nearly burst my heart out of my chest. Fortunately, I use a local branch that is not in sync with the remote repo. So, I used that to sync the changes of mine and my colleague's, then rebase both changes and finally made the great smooth rebase with no conflict. I just went to bed after that, not minding the time of the day (6 PM).

What I learnt was that I always check my remote repo for changes, rebase/merge to my local dev branch before starting any change. And also, make sure that I seek if there is any new change ... See More

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