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Can one suggest a better way to view a directory of HTML files?
Mine =>

npm i -g serve

cd path/to/directory


Open a browser, CTRL + V and Enter

Loads the index.html file just like a web server will. All assets are served correctly, correctly linked images are not broken.

And who says, "Backend guys job is easier than frontend guys"?
Does the person say it out of unconsciousness?
Does he realize for every endpoint there is at least 3 calls to them with varying inputs?

Does he know that those inputs have to be validated before being saved into the database?

How could he think that authorization is the same as authentication?

User roles are different and actions are to be checked against them, does he have an idea of how much logic goes into that?

Does he know how much thought is put into the data to return and how they should be consistent across endpoints?

I did React/Vue the whole of the past year, I know the pains of frontend guys as well.

Just don't come to mention that YOU the frontend g ... See More

Serverless do runs on servers
Cloud is someone else's computer
Google actually does not own those content
Videos are actually fast playing static photos
Images are a bunch of encoded strings.

Add a computer/programming/technological myth.

Edit 1:
@silverGeek ==> Artificial Intelligence is just a bunch of ifs

Edit 2:

@goodmuyis ==> Source-code a set of lingua alphabet 

I was hoping to make an npm module to allow for Google Map Places and and Google map incorporated just as

But Google hit me hard with their Request Per Day and Query Per Second limits, requesting for billing details before I can continue developing.

Card details? meaning, I have passed my threshold, I should start paying for the rest requests to come, and I am still developing, what the heck just happened to Map, then I recalled

This is limiting, most of the documentation examples that are using Google Maps are down, may be they are facing same issues that I just witn ... See More

I use Figma recently for my designs. No installation, can be used for free with nearly all the basic features that are needed. It is just really simple like that.

And again, browser is the new OS, nothing more.

Who entered 429 error this year?

I did and I am just rebooting hoping to be fully up and running in the second week of Jan. 2019

I don't know if some of my fellow programmers see this error code as result of too much coding and ever coming new technologies/methodologies/API/paradigm?

Tell me, what has been your favorite NodeJS web framework.

I believe in the API/Frontend separation of concerns, so I use FeathersJS, because I am a lazy developer. As some people call it, it has all the batteries that you can ever needed to supercharge your API. I might give some intro about it later.

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