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PHP refuse to die despite all expectations from those who assumed years back.

As a developer who his scope is not limited to this nation alone, will you advice him to drop the language (php) or continue with it. If your advice is to learn a new language, what will it be ?

Php is a language that's much limited to web application only, and the technology is gradually fading off, my aim is to pick up JavaScript and learn it fully because web developers now write the entire frontend and back end with JavaScript, JavaScript can also do mobile app and in some case used for desktop application (electron.js).

A confused developer needs your advice
Morning Question:

As a developer, if you are given the task to develop a desktop base banking software.

Which language or tech stack will you consider first ?
As a beginner to PHP, what are the required things one needs to know and understand before taking up a framework like laravel.

I have been patient for months to understand the basics, how most php functions works, creating my own custom functions, understood CRUD application, migrated to using PDO and prepare statements, to mention few.

I read from a forum that OOP background is also needed, though am currently working towards learning that.

Can anyone provide a roadmap or milestone ?
Is it compulsory to use framework for all projects ? Small or large.

I don't want to use any framework for the project am working on now, its a school project, what's your advise ?
#Bug alert

There is a problem with the menu on Chrome mobile, haven't try other browser yet, but chrome is not showing the text in the menu link.
Want to know some security measures to take to avoid a php site been compromised.

No framework, its just a simple login and registration page.
Hello guys, am here again, this year is going to an end, make Oga @dhtml send us chicken for Christmas.

One of my goal comes 2019 is to make sure I attend developer's bootcamps, hackathon or hangout.

I want to ask if there is anyone who can give me information or link me with some around oyo, osun or Ogun state even Lagos.

Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

Good evening bosses, its been an hectic day, people often use asp.net for web development compared to php, is there any benefit that asp.net have over php ? Also many portals I have seen uses asp.net for their back end, but the frontend will be poor. Is asp.net more secure than php ?

Any contribution ?

Hello guys, I am a beginner in php, I am working on a project base on what I have learnt so far on the fundamentals and basics of CRUD, but I am stuck in one area of the project now.

Let me explain :

I created a two table in one database with name



The users table will be taking the data of people registering while I want the user to be able to create different services

I have created a relationship between the two table by implementing a userid into the service, find the structure below :

users table :




services table:



content ... See More

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