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Please guys i need help, I need to pay for domain name and hosting on https://www.namecheap.com i have been trying it but its not going through

Hey guys.

For someone pursuing a career in programming, what professional courses can a person do to boast his CV?
Hello fellow geeks Please I need to add a spam bot to my forum site and googling it ain't helping Please can someone suggest how I need start?
??????????????? Calling on all geeks, nerds and the admin... I think it's high time we make this site busy Please: our senior developers in the house come and share your knowledge with us I think dhtml has done a good job with this site mbok
My people I need help oo. I don't understand, I wrote a delete method using Laravel and when a call to that question is made it deletes the record bfr the one selected... Pls has anyone seen a case like this or how can I fix it?

Hey guys...  Am coding a forum using laravel,  please how do I go about a function that count the number of people who visit a thread...? 

Hello guys....  Happy new year. 

I actually want to design a forum and I was thinking of allowing guest user(someone who doesn't have an account)  to be able  comment. Please I need advice on this.  What can be the downside of allowing such user to comment on posts? 

Ah.... Just checking ni oo
*clears throat* we live baby!!
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