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How do you tackle a stubborn MySQLi issue where SELECT statments work and INSERT statements doesn't?

This below produces 'false'

$stmt = "INSERTINTO registered_customer (email) VALUES('hello')";
... See More

Hey guys, One of the strengths of Laravel is it's flexibility. The fact that a developer/developers achieve the objective in several ways. Well, My question is, what's the best way to do validation logic?

A. In the Controller

B. The Model or

C. Using Form Requests

In an ecommerce-related site, which would you develop first; A. Admin module B. Marketer module C. Buyer module

Wow, this is great! Welldone @dhtml! Team Africoders for life! Let the programming issues keep pouring in, we are right here to solve em all

Hello Wordpressers, I'm having an issue here; on the wp-login/ wordpress login page, after entering the correct username and password, and submitting, the page refreshes without logging in. But when I use wrong credentials, it displays an authentication error message as expected but no errors when info is correct. But it just refreshes and doesn't proceed to admin area. 

Hello, Please Laravel throws "Memory Size Exhausted" error on usage of get() or all() eloquent methods whether there are values in the db or not. But it gives expected result when I use the first() method. This is unsusual. Who can help?

E.g This 

    $transaction_history = Form::all(); // Produces the error

or this

   $transaction_history = Form::get(); // Produces the error

It's expected to product either null for no result or a collection of objects!

But this 

   $transaction_history = Form::first(); // Works fine

Hello, Please guys how do I get started with Web development on a Linux machine, easys step by step approach? Thanks

Hello guys, I'm having a hard time deciding on which new programming language to learn.

Though I am a (PHP) web developer based on the (*)AMP Stack and experienced with the Laravel framework and due to that, I have thought of basically 3 options namely;

  • MEAN/Javascript stack
  • Python (For Web) and 
  • Java

I've been thinging closely on Python anyway due to it's clean coding style, high scalability and the fact there aren't too many Python developers out there (which kinda makes it unique) even though it's been old.

I know Java has been kind right from day one especially after looking at the TIOBE Index ( of programming languages growth. Java sticks to the top while Python is growing atleast above C#, . ... See More

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