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Why are there less inventors and more users in the programming industry?

Some relax and wait to use this or that CMS or framework and smile. They know nothing about the code development or structure. The day they witness a little bug, they're long dead before their dying day because they don't know where the code block to debug is or where to even start debugging from.

Coding culture is dying everyday. Look around and see many website adverts in our streets. 10,000 for a website. They just install scripts and change this or that CSS and there is a website. Ask them to make A behave like B or C like A and they will tell you that's not possible. The theme will not permit that. That becomes an issue between their client and they.

Post a little snippet for debugging and 98 ... See More

Two arrays

$arrayA = ['omni.potens.2019'];

$arrayB = ['2016.omni.potens.2019','2017.omni.potens.2019','2018.omni.potens.2019'];

How do you check that $arrayA exists in $arrayB?

Is there anyway to speed up the performance speed of PHP CLI based applications?

How do I configure my WAMP mail function to send send mails? I have forgotten how I got it to work sometime in the past installing one sendmail library like that.

I'm having serious issues here.

I'm using PHPMailer for my send mails for the newsletter script of a job site. They have been complaining that emails hosted on office365 or live or hotmail are not delivering to inbox but spam folder. All subscribers using emails within the domain are not receiving emails to inbox.

Please I need assistance on how to battle this situation. Worked all night but no resolution. 

In profile.css line 55, you have 

.container {width:100%;padding: 0 10px 0 5px;}

Can it be changed to 

.container {width:100%;padding: 0px;}

Reason why: if you look at your footer from the profile page, the padding-right and padding-left doesn't let it have a 100% width. That little space there is making the footer container not well aligned with the top container. Let the footer go on a full 100% width. You can consider having a different class with those padding. 

I posted something on the forum and it has disappeared without being published after I hit the submit button. What happened? Board is Javascript.

Happy New Year everyone. What have I missed so far? I'm enjoying the new stuff I think I haven't seen initially. 

All working so far to get this realized, kudos to you all. May your bugs keep you getting better every minute.


I am live. Who is yet to know I am? ????
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