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Wanna Work in Nigeria Tech Space? Learn PHP (Vanilla, CodeIgniter, YII2, Laravel).

Try to Imagine and search for those keywords beginners come up with while starting their DEV Journey, and you will be amazed and confused at how recently PHP has been badmouthed for Insecurity, Spaghetti Codes, Pain in the Ass etc, and being see as fastly loosing ground in TECH SPACE, So many blogs and articles are talking about new languages and Framework being used by industries nowadays for their backend services, the likes of Javascript(NodeJs,Express, Polymer), Erlang(Cowboy). Well Most of these languages  and frameworks have their strengths and weaknesses, as an intermediate web developer myself I started with Node and Express, and I can tell you I have no regrets ... See More

Good day/Midnigh guys.. When I wanted to start my PHP dev Journey, I got some advice here. But guys.. respect to all PHP devs.. E no easy, walahi u guys dey manage, only those who have written vanilla PHP can relate.. Back to the matter pls guys apart from laravel, which PHP framework do u guys use especially MR.DHTML. Thanks in advance for the reply.

Also I am looking for @

call me if you have project related to





08131871049... Let build awesome stuff together.

Good A.m here. Pls I need an honest advice based on your experience. I am a JS dev coming from the express world, MERN and MEVN stack, but recently delve into php... Pls which is PHP framework is unopinionated (that doesnt force principles on peson). I have tried CI, but dont like it... I need  framewok like express. Thanks

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