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Real-Time Discussions

Who has an idea on how to setup a mini server on linux operating system 

So many types of server, and different versions of linux. What type of server are you talking about here? and what version of linux?

Is there anyway to speed up the performance speed of PHP CLI based applications?

This will depend on your ARCHITECTURE, and of course, how you are running the PHP something.
Platforms like laravel have many ways of handling CLI tasks most efficiently.

How many of us here know that google developed it own programming language which was named GO
This is funny and serious at the same time, do you mean Go Lang?

Lol, I know who developed it, buh I'll wait for what others have to say

If you mean myself, I love the language however I will rather stay with java/kotlin

I'm I the only one who skips the "Introduction to Android Studio" or "Introduction to Flutter" and just start a new project, go online and look for tutorials on how to get a particular job done....

Then after some time, like months, I come back and read the "Introduction guide"
Lolz, that might be good for u
Do less experience programmers have chance to gain employment in an IT firm?

How much can be the start up payment for such programmer?

Of course they can, hard to get the statistics but i think salary is in the range of 100 - 150k/month. Though I have limited information on this.

Saw this on nairaland.com and decided to share it with you here. Is about a guy's post who created a yoruba oriented programming language.


or the github repo


NB. yorlang is a yoruba version of js

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We should start using it to teach Primary School Basic Programming, with that simplicity they will get used to it.

Maybe the dhtml could develop an Interpreter for it just like PHP :)

@goodmuyis good point but I hope those up there could see it..seeing it is different from agreeing with you and agreeing with you is different from implementing it

Hehehehe, interpreter keh? them wan kill me.

Am selling this domain medicalcarereach.com for $299. Contact me for Business - 08099004129

Make i run go look at sef

That is a good one, weldone

I design the site 2 years ago, that was my first Drupal Project, after one year the owner refuses to renew and Godaddy auto charge my card (5k) and am not aware of it. until last month. Now I wanted to make my money back x10

Of I see, this is why I always disable autorenew for everything EXCEPT my own personal stuffs.

Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation ???

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is themeforest now a front-end language?

No it is not, just a place where you can purchase themes.

The Zurb Foundation framework is alternative to Bootstrap, both came out in the same year (2011),  but has a lot of inbuilt components than bootstrap

Interesting, yet I have not happened to troll across it yet. I will investigate this.

Please can we add a section where we can post things related to Nigerian tech startups.

Any section can be added very very easily, especially if you can give a good description of what to do in that section?
Now when you say startups, can we not easily just create a forum board for startups? e.g. https://africoders.com/forums/ideas
Or you have something completely different in mind?

Something like forum where some of us that has startup can post something related to startup only.

Ah, I think I gerrit now, i will add this to my log and see what can be done about it.

Mr DHTML please i just followed you please return it i want us to talk privately

I have chatted you up actually