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I'm new to Code.

I want to try cloning this forum... Differently in a way.... I wish the admin would allow me try.... The code is for me alone
There are many projects to be done asides cloning. Do something else.

What is there to be done that haven't been done b4
Today I feel like starting from scratch again, I feel like I don't know anything.

I need help.
I feel like this all the time, dunno what to do somedays...
What do u want to know?
Sorry guys have been offline, Average started from scratch, and am so happy with what I have learned so far, so proud of myself
Hi guys I am new on this app

Finally, them don approve africoders freebasics version. Waiting for final publication so that we can launch that too.

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@dhtml biko how does one apply for that stuff?

It allows you to browse a website using facebook free mode (without data). We still dey await full publication.

Status of the gem and all round ups has been ensured for the individuals. The reflection of the best essay writers is ensured for the comfortable items for the opportunities for the fourth coming items.

I greet every guru on this platform...just joining you here.

Good day/Midnigh guys.. When I wanted to start my PHP dev Journey, I got some advice here. But guys.. respect to all PHP devs.. E no easy, walahi u guys dey manage, only those who have written vanilla PHP can relate.. Back to the matter pls guys apart from laravel, which PHP framework do u guys use especially MR.DHTML. Thanks in advance for the reply.

Also I am looking for @

The dude is never far from here, will will soon come around.
Omo, aside laravel I dont really know o. But you can look at cakePHP sha.

Thanks for the reply Boss

Them plenty!! CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, cake, Zend, Fuelphp . ..  with Laravel being on top due to robustness and features. But if you want a very quick application, CodeIgniter is the way to go. the learning curve for Laravel is very steep.

I wanted a good place like this. Happy to be na you all

You are welcome o jare.

welcome .. i always follow to comment next to my boss

Wow..... I've been looking for something like this... Was committed to nairaland until it's programming section went to ashes....

I hope I have good programming friends here and I hope I'm welcomed

IDK what am looking for .... and so Domain registrar for nairaland.com is Qservers.net


Hehehehe, what is err wrong with it? You bad gan o, you go dig am out just like that!!

Help; how to setup hotspot on android using


Please copy and paste the code here