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#feature_alert #suggestion

gracias for that, I have started working on 2019 upgrades already. And good that you have suggested this, more suggestions are welcome people.

Serverless do runs on servers
Cloud is someone else's computer
Google actually does not own those content
Videos are actually fast playing static photos
Images are a bunch of encoded strings.

Add a computer/programming/technological myth.

Edit 1:
@silverGeek ==> Artificial Intelligence is just a bunch of ifs

Edit 2:

@goodmuyis ==> Source-code a set of lingua alphabet 

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@Artificial Intelligence is just a bunch of ifs 

How so? Are you referring to expert systems or the linear algebra, calculus and other advanced maths behind deep learning and other traditional machine learning algorithms ?

A good question!

Source-code a set of lingua alphabet 

Leave the calculus part aside,
It is,

if (a) is one (can be algebraic calculation or calculus, IDK), it is an image of a cat
else if (a) is two, it is rather an image of a dog

else if (a) is three, it is a goat


The calculation is the determinant, but in it is a bunch of if-else to make decision.

find plugins -type d -print0 |xargs -0 chmod 755
chmod on directories () alone excluding files. not sure if -R switch is necessary

How do you programmers relax when you are stressed out and cant code?

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Okay Na, I de wait. Make una come.
Nah... Leave the niccur, na we own

tl:dr I play games

I used to Need For Speed - Most Wanted during my Windows days but now, if I don't play Nibbles I'll play Iagno. I just abandon torn.com after being punished for multiple accounts.

Please @dhtml, what's the function of the onesignal notification on the site? I don't get to receive any alerts of new follow up on here.

hmnph, very good question. That notification will soon happen in the next update sha.

Okay, that would be great because I was wondering why it wasn't working.

I haven't been here for a while and WOW! WHAT A CHANGE!!!

Welcome back. Good you did come back. Go bring in your other "Codassins" in here. 

welcome back, we dey troll forward small small

Na Buhari cause am o

After the Change na NextLevel

We need to get to the nextlevel asap

What is the latest trend in programming?

Finally, them don approve africoders freebasics version. Waiting for final publication so that we can launch that too.


If a programming language is also written in a programming language, how was the first programming language written?

This is more of understanding the need for abstraction.

Take your screen as an example, it has values stored in the visual memory - a special memory for the screen - where the values for each pixel is stored. These values determine the color to render at any point on the screen. So to modify this value for the first 100 rows and first 50 columns to provide a sim0le rectangle shape, we have to know the values of the memory addresses for those specific pixels, a very daunting task, to address this make life easy, Assembly was developed. With it, you talk to the specific memory slot you want. Manage these memories yourself and keep track of their values.
We are not superhumans, we are simply human and love creating our own environment, so smart people came up with some abstractions on top of Assembly and machine codes, these are the first set of low level languages you know, Ada, C etc. They still create some hard time, making us talk with the hardware directly, managing memories and sort, we need more flexibilities, higher level languages came on top of low level languages, here we have languages that requires a low level language to run C++ is an example here. We still won't settle for less the high level languages won't satisfy our human syntax, we moved to Higher Level Languages, guess what you have here, relies directly on high level languages, JavaScript, python etc are here.

What I will like you to understand is, previous solutions stand as shoulders for us to see the future. We don't care how the shoulder functions, as far as it is not broken, we have to build on top of the shoulders till we reach another height not achieved by our predecessors.

Programming languages will keep evolving, simpler syntaxes more flexibilities, more functionalities.
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Are u the one that developed it ?

very good question