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Real-Time Discussions

Hey, dhtml, are you still using your framework you wrote sometimes ago?

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@dhtml i dont get your question

Your framework, you are supposed to work on the documentation/usage. So that if for example you developed something with it, and someone else (other than you) need to work on the project, they will need to know how to use it, and will require a documentation.
How will you cope with something like this if it should come up?

never thought of that. I will do that

If you do not factor this in, you will be the only one that can use the framework forever. And even you, if there is no versioning system, updates e.t.c you will get a BROKEN CODE.

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Can we have an idea of the nature of the task?

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is it compulsory for a good programmer to have the wisdom of seo?

Well I think front end devs should have knowledge of SEO

It is not the duty of a programmer, if you know it, good for you. A good programmer is not also expected to have good knowledge of graphics/UI. A programmer is not an all-in-one.

You are welcome
Hey guys.

For someone pursuing a career in programming, what professional courses can a person do to boast his CV?

I dont know the answer to this one. As far as i know, boasting in CV has more to do with TASKS ACCOMPLISHED, TEAMS you worked with, GITHUB repos, OPENSOURCE contribs e.t.c. things that people can look at and nod their heads that - this dude is a true programmer.
All the certifications like JAVA e.t.c too help mind you.

Okay.. sounds good.

Thanks sir
What does it takes to create a programming language not a frame work oo
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Am not planning on creating a programming language,, i just want to get the idea behind it... What can be used to create the language

That is a recursive question, a programming language is used to create programming languages.
Even languages like Python, C can be used to create programming languages.

Creating a programming language really isn't easy I am currently studying how compilers work I want to contribute to a programming language (astrolang) I must confess it's really not easy... The dude I wanna work with as been on the language for 2 years plus now.... Just imagine
Experimental/Learning, to side project, to open source.
@lord_jerry the guy is trying jare.
For the fun of it, what language(s) will you like to learn/know. Basically just syntax, no deep learning.

Me: C++, smalltalk, lua.
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@ayo You don't like lua?
Some benefits of it is what these scripting language too will provide. And what prompted me for it is its flexibility to interact with compiled languages, to provide an extension medium for a program.
He might think php solves everything..
Lolz, i know php cant solve everything
Brainfuck and assembly
It's been a long time here. @dhtml, please can you add scroll to top button? The community is really growing, I feel happy Everytime I visit here :)
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Thanks, but I can't find it on mobile view

what device are you using by the way? It just shows as a tiny arrow on the bottom right corner.

Android, using chrome. Still can't see it
Weird, maybe you will see it in the err africoders android app.
What is your recent challenge?

Mine: I started an overhaul for a codebase after my last weekend visit to DHTML, the reason for the overhaul is that the codebase is a mess filled with bugs. So, I planned adding tests to it. But you know what, I was able to complete the authentication and basic authorization for users in just s couple of days. But been writing test for it since the past four days. I just have a break through with the authorization test for basic user and Super Admin, Still have three more authorization level to test.

What keeps me going is seeing the test failed and wanting to have them run each time. Also, I was able to bootstrap the app level functionality test, so I am happy seeing them run each time I rerun them.

Morale, I can confidently modify parts of the new code with less worry of breaking some feature if my test run successfully after the update.

Let's hear from you guys.
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You are right, what was on my mind actually was the people that do stuffs with WORDPRESS and all these ready-made stuffs e.t.c
Boss, you know we have names for the right WordPress coders, called WordPress developers. Those ones writer programs for it, and some might incorporate tests.
But ehm the template installers them, they are good at finding the right template and with the help of plugins get the job done.
You might mean the template installers.

Err, I dont really want to call people names o. But yes, those are the people I meant to say.

Ah! Me too I did not call names nah. Tried to categorize ni. Everyone matters.
Can a framework be used to write another framework?

yes it is possible, but most times it is libraries that are used to write frameworks. Both are codes, but libraries and frameworks are very different.
Like we once said somewhere on africoders, you call a library when you use it.  But when dealing with frameworks, the frameworks call your code.
This is why it is difficult to build a framework with another framework. It is better to write your framework yourself if need be, and this writing of framework yourself is not advisable unless you REALLY REALLY REALLY have a good reason to do this.
It is mostly easier to study existing frameworks and use them to build your stuffs.

And supporting DHTML more, you better use framework as an abstraction for another system. CMS as an example, Drupal is a CMS and a framework. Drupal framework was used to develop drupal CMS. Another is Laravel being used for October CMS and likes.

You're literally saying I another words, building an OS with an OS. Instead building an OS from a kernel. Or building a Car with a Car, when you should say building a Car with collection of mechanical/electrical components

that is exactly how it is, writing a framework is a journey on its own.


what language can be  used to build ai chat bot 

Plenty, but i will NEVER use PHP sha. NODE.JS is more like it.

Why not... Php cause that is what have been planning to u

You people want PHP to do everything, mobile apps e.t.c I am not saying PHP cannot do a BOT but from my own experience, I will rather use NODE.JS.