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Real-Time Discussions

Profile picture uploading and cropping come up sometime today. So that people like Lord Jerry can finally upload their profile pictures make we see them big head.

By the way, should in case your important posts are missing in the forum, kindly let me know. The forum migration was not as fast as I would have loved, and there is possibility of missing posts (but this can be addressed when reported).

And their might be missing users too, but you can always signup. But should in case your new account is not associated with your old posts, well use the contact page and reach out for assistance in linking your new account with the old content (or even recovering your old account).
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How do I add smileys? 
omnipotens wrote:
How do I add smileys? bandage.png
Well, ehm, you see, the smileys are not normal smileys to start with. . . .
@dhtml my picture as refused to upload for d past 3days oooo abi nah my head to big nii

the upload page just keeps staring at me
wow this is awesome
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Where is the smiley 
4kings wrote:
fist_hand.png Emoticons at last.
Hian, see them
dogstyle007 wrote:
Where is the smiley ???? 
dhtml wrote:
4kings wrote:fist_hand.png Emoticons at last.Hian, see them
dogstyle007 wrote:Where is the smiley ???? joy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.pngjoy.png
Haha was actually looking for them oh... but you hide them  but I kinda find it difficult to use oh... the way it’s placed somehow had sha
It is not hard at all my brother, is just that the new system takes getting used to. It is placed after the code tag which is fine, because I still say that code tag is more important than emoticons. By the way there was a stylesheet bug earlier which i have fixed, that way why the favicons were not showing properly in your earlier quote.
I want to use this opportunity to thank all of you messaging me on different platforms on bugs and issues. I am working very hard to straighten them out.
thanks once again

I have missed this my friend a bit, wonder what he is up to right now sef.

I am live. Who is yet to know I am? ????
LOL. By their profile pictures you shall know them
What do they look like? ????
Like your self nah
See all this troll people them them sef. Dont worry work will progress from here o. Profile picture upload and a few other stuffs shall come up gradually.
Thirdwrist wrote:
LOL. By their profile pictures you shall know them
you just like to dey abuse person sef.
Well, we are super dope with this everyone.  Even emoticons.

code]echo "I can even have code in same post"[/code]
O yeah, when you people wanted to kill me with your emoticons request, I had to look for something to do to avoid WAR!
I am Live...wow!!
Good Job Doc!! You are Stupendous!! You Never seize to Amaze me
Godwin wrote:
Good Job Doc!! You are Stupendous!! You Never seize to Amaze me
Thank you very much my friend for all the encouragement.
Welcome to the new Africoders people!!

As my fellow developers know, there is simply no way to do something like this without expecting bugs online, it is just normal.
Yeah, I know there are surely bugs to kill, for bug reports please use this community forum https://africoders.com/forums/community-announcements-and-feedback

First I get the bugs, and then get the spammers in that order. . . .and continue further work
kivy or django,which is higher in demand in Nigeria
I think the answer should obviously be Django.
The use of Kivy even at a global scale is not that high.
On DevCenter, PythonNigeria, and so on(slack groups with mostly Nigerian developers), I can't remember seeing a gig posting for Kivy, it's mostly React, Javascript and other popular mobile frameworks.
But you could do awesome stuff with Kivy for commercial use.
However if you looking for jobs, then i recommend Django instead.
I completely agre, Django all the way for Naija.
Hello guys! am back with my problems again.

Still on the generation of pdf documents with PHP. After following the link Boss @dhtml gave me (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13593870/how-to-create-a-pdf-file-from-an-html-using-php-and-then-save-it-on-the-server) the poster suggested that the method in the above link is outdated and he gave a link to pdfkit.org that it is the latest one, this one rely on Javascript and I think it's a lot more simpler compared to the above one.

Well my challenge is how to install it. I am not familiar with the method given in their documentation. I want to generate the pdf as a downloadable document on virtually all device. I don't know if the have a library/API

thanks for your concern guys.
On that same thread i gave you, the answer marked uses convertToPDF.php which will work well if you are using a PHP solution. pdfkit.org is fine but uses NODE.JS server (backend javaScript). Anyone of them can do the task.
ok sir. I never saw the converttopdf. php .thanks very much for your help so far.
you are welcome, and I appreciate you using this platform too.
I wonder where our friend dey sef.