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Real-Time Discussions

I need help, it simple though, in creating a church members registration online form, where they submit some information and it is stored in the database, don't worry there won't be a login mode, but there will be an admin panel where admin can view the details edit it delete it and also alter it, can also see who are celebrating there birthdays you know what I mean bro, something like that with php no javascript.. I would have done it but I have a project to complete too under java about face recognition and am in my middle progression... I have to deliver the project before Friday, chai I have die ooooooo.. Please help me oooo just something to simple
you cannot die, just give the project a more realistic time, and put a price tag to it maybe someone can help. Nothing goes for nothing.
Attach a price tag and then send me a mail lets discuss further.. Akunneobinna@gmail.com
Free somethings!
Each time i login am not redirect back to homepage. Let say am on /africoders.com/forums/javascript/ then click the login I am being taken to /.
some forum use to behaved like that

Hian, this matter will be solved in the upgrade. It has not been easy o jare, chasing many things at the same time.
The next update, i am still running some tests to be sure before i release am.
@dhtml Still waiting for the next update, hope it'll new year gift to all Africoders.
Hello guys, am back with my problems again.
Still on the expiry thing, I want to send an SMS to notify a user on the impending expiration of his or her subscription. and I want it to be done without my interference. like let it be automatic.

I heard the said cron job. but I don't know how to go about the stuff.
Also I don't know if that is possible on shared hosting.
I will suggest that you do some googling on implementing cron jobs.

But my explanation is: If your server supports running cron, you can write a code to check users table for the specified field that has not received notification and trigger an event or callback or whatever to send the SMS. Or you have a code somewhere that runs every interval(the interval must be stored somewhere to avoid overloadung your server). This code checks the user table for the field and trigger the SMS notification when necessary.
This is not suppose to be a flowchart just an analysis of how I can handle the task. I hope you get the gist
Am new here guys.. Hope am welcome
Welcome to d family
You are most welcome.
Is this forum built from scratch?
Nope, drupal 7 cms + lots of custom coding, tweaks e.t.c but the next version will be hand-coded 100% - and will be better.
OK guys, I resorted to I was comparing the two dates go get the interval in months. but I noticed that the UPDATE in database was inconsistent with the number of true rows.

what happened was that I wanted to display only rows due for notification by checking the notification date against expiration date. using normal comparison like

if(date_now >= notice_date & date_now < expiring_date){
show rows due for notification

this works just fine to display the rows. in my while loop statement.

but trying to update my record in database by change the NOTICE column to 1 from 0 is inconsistent. sometimes it will change rows that don't meet the criteria. and it's not changing all those that meets the criteria.

why I wanted to flag the notice column with one in the first place was for me to control the number of results let's say pagination.

my solution to it for now is that I push the row that meets the criteria in to an array. so can control my results.

thanks guys. never mind my English. Am just a newbie trying to learn from the best Brians. cheers!
Is alright, keep up the good work.
OK guys thanks for the help so far, I don't really know what is wrong with my local server or maybe as a novice concern.

I want to compare two dates (column) such that if the expiring date is due in 3 months I want to change the record in due_notice from 0 to 1. something like that. not that I don't google, the online community suggested datediff or dateadd and some others but trying it out on the sql panel in phpmyadmin it doesn't seem to work.

I believe people here can understand my problem more
If i get u right u wanna compare 2 dates so when d 1st date equals to d other date u want a record in the database to change from 0 to1..
If u are using php i think u can achieve that

U put 2 dates in a variable u den compare them if the first date equals d expiry..
U write an sql update query to change d record from 0 to 1.

I dont know anything about php date yet i would have dropped a code
You failed to tell us how you stored the date in the database too. Did you use date fields and mysql dates, or php time() stamp?
I used date data type and used php strtotime function to get the date in php.

Hello guys happy new month

@dhtml,sir i downloaded phpbrowserbox on my window7 pc, once d app loads up it displays only white. Any help pls
What i can only say is that wait for the next update. This version for some odd reasons does not work properly on all windows. This is being fixed in the next version!
my boss @dhtml you know I followed you on nairalnd for many years before you eventually left. now I didn't get to interact with you much over there but thank God we are here now. sorry for bothering you. I just like your simple and receptive lifestyle.

my other problem from my previous post is that after paginating a page (table), I have an edit button on every row, the button works (edit) for the first page, but anything other than that, it will not work.
Thanks for the compliment, well, try upload the stuff somewhere so that I can look at the code
what is the best way of generating a PDF file using php.

also, I have this problem where I can't edit rows of Data after the first page of my pagination. Ican't edit after the first page.
thank you very much sir, for your prompt response, I see africoders achieving beyond expectations.
Thank you very much my friend, we shall get there slow and steady
hello guys,how do i make texts lie directly under an image without exceeding image width.thank you using css and html
Except you already know the width of the image e.g.
<div style="width:100px> <img src="xx" style="width:100px;height:auto"> </div> <div style="width:100px"> I love this image, it is very nice and lovely </div>