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can some1 please explain the difference between Console.log  and document.write in Javascript

You use Document.write when you want the output on the webpage, While the Console.log is for the developer area, you output on Console, you can get to know other objects of the class you are working with in the console area
I'm also new here and also learning how to program

which lang do you wanna learn?

I want to learn Java programming

You are welcome bro

How I manage to StackOverflow responsive font-size reading about 5 samples with me input of course

$(window).resize(function() {
    var fontSize = $(window).width()/50 * 1.5;
    var boxW = $('.slider-content').width();
    if( boxW < 767){
        $('.slider-content > h5').css('font-size', fontSize + 5);
        $('.slider-content > h3').css('font-size', fontSize +10);
        $('.slider-content > p').css('font-size', fontSize + 2);
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but that's not effective at all.
what if js is disabled on the browser?

a fail-safe will be required

who disables javascripts in browsers in 2019 ???

Why are there less inventors and more users in the programming industry?

Some relax and wait to use this or that CMS or framework and smile. They know nothing about the code development or structure. The day they witness a little bug, they're long dead before their dying day because they don't know where the code block to debug is or where to even start debugging from.

Coding culture is dying everyday. Look around and see many website adverts in our streets. 10,000 for a website. They just install scripts and change this or that CSS and there is a website. Ask them to make A behave like B or C like A and they will tell you that's not possible. The theme will not permit that. That becomes an issue between their client and they.

Post a little snippet for debugging and 98% of the acclaimed PROGRAMMERS will have slow Internet connection or become busy at the background waiting for the likes of @dhtml to come and proffer solutions. Aren't we just doing ourselves much harm?

I remember in Nairaland around the 2005/2006, we were all codes because we wanted something better. The challenges we faced made us learn better and we improved more. This trend suddenly died because we wanted things easier and with less stress. Writing codes became only for the sufferers. If they don't fix these bugs then the bugs become super heroes. Can't we become any better?

Here is Africoders.com. Are we going to use here to become African Coders or are we just going to continue being script installers?


***********don't come and insult me in the comments because I won't see it anytime soon unless you write it in codes tonguewink***********

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Let me try to break down your comment using myself as a case study. Over time, from Nairaland, I had had sworn enemies because every pushing myself to become godlike in programming and there are millions of them there who just know how to install scripts and that's all, yet they will come and rub it to our faces.  The one that annoys me is when I see an advert like: "become a guru in javascript in 3 weeks" . ."contact me for your laravel website @ 20,000" . . then they look for the cheapeast Nigerian host. and the site will be 5 days offline, 2 days online.

Nigerian hosting is another topic for another day. So back to the topic. It's the Nigerian lazy man syndrome. You have an internet connection, download some youtube videos and you think
you are now a guru in programming. Hmmm, it takes years and years of constant practice . . It doesn't mean you cannot change the world while being self taught but you have to strive harder
and not relax when you reach a certain level of comfort. And that is where Nairaland programmers are lacking. Once they know how to set up a cron job, they feel ontop of the world. I have been
opportuned to give task to more than twenty of them, and none would even return my email. Yet they would keep on yapping the next day and I will send a reminder and not get a response.

I cannot blame anybody because from experience there are diffeent levels to programming. The freelance level (basic web design); the pro level (inplementing payment gateways, some apis etc)
and the commercial level. A friend got me connected to an European software firm as a software developer. The average person, like I intially thought, would think that perhaps, I would login to the databse, make some adjustments, add some extra php lines, or perhaps change the logo, or banner, or color for the front end, add some form boxes etc.
Boy I was surprised. I was introduced to some commercial websites and products I have never seen in my life. These websites are locked within the commercial/enterprise level programming;
and are not known by regular coders.  And my first task was to create an independent enterprise software; and before it would be approved, it had to be vetted by the CTO
who has a Masters Degree in Software Engineering. When I was shown the api routes that powered the system, I could count up to 3,000 lines.
If the api routes are like 3,000, how many lines would the controllers be in total? My heart melted. This isnt something I can run to stackoverflow and paste for answers; for one, they won't allow their codes disclosed outside and two; it is a closed ecosystem. I still have the headaches till this day.

So the point is this, coding doesn't end at buying a domain name, add hosting and downloading and installing wordpress or creating a fantastic website that changes color every 12 hours.
There is more to learn, in short, it is a bottomless pit that we'll never see the end. So any programmer who is not striving for excellence and feels on top of the world at script deployment
is only doing himself or herself more harm than good. The world is evolving and we Nigerians are still stuck in the precolonial era.

As a Nigerian (sure, there are badass devs here), if we keep monitoring your progress with ourselves, we are going to maintain the same level of achievement till eternity.

Script kiddies, framework installers will shine in a very short time. But when the big task comes and requires going under the hood to check what is wrong, then you hear "this theme cannot do that", "it is not possible with WordPress", "Joomla is not fit for this".

Reality is that THEY do not know their way around it. As much as they use scripts/frameworks/CMS etc, they should strive to know the underlying language of their tool. That way they can better present themselves.

Although it still boils down to demand and supply, clients will want Joomla clone for 15k, someone will gladly take that offer. There is a demand for cheap labor, and surely there will be a supply for it.

What I understand is, it is better to have a massive long term single offer that tests my knowledge and allows me to improve, than do join-join here and there tasks, and yields to a short term offer that might seize any moment. Even better I build a product I self-sale or sell on a platform. There is a whole lot of ways to make money from this beast, but only for the patient and goal-getter.

suggest me a good project in PHP for a begginer..

i can insert data

i can retrieve data

i can delete data/update and do anything..

i once developed a simple system where people were able to create an acc, login, logout, post, comment, like, make a post public or private but i never proceeded with it!

so suggest me a good fresh idea!
Build a crud app

yeap, maybe something like a simple blog where people have to login to post stuffs.

i have done that before but i have never managed to expose it

Hello guys, I am new here. I'm a game developer though slightlysmiling 

Welcome, give me one game lemme see
@xploora, Hello. What engine are you using for your game development? What platform are you developing for?

I am using libgdx framework. Its java cross-platform game development framework. For now I am deploying to android though

really nice, i love that


can flutter take over from java and Kotlin?

I dont think their is a competition as such mind you. Especially between java and flutter.

Flutter isn't "taking" over per se.. but, I've seen native mobile devs switch to Flutter (myself included) because of its awesomeness and speed of development. Flutter is the future, but it's not necessarily taking over

Exactly, that is the right word to use here. Flutter cannot replace JAVA or KOTLIN. But mobile developers can chose what to use for their work.

The word fidelity is a scam from developers. Java is becoming old wife.
Hello My Colleagues , i kindly need your help, I'm a young African man aged 18 originally from Zambia and I'm a developer i did a number of apps and websites but my question is that how can earn money using my mobile apps? Please anyone to help.

You are welcome. This question is meant to be asked before building the app, moneytizing an app is a whole lot of work on its own. Maybe if you can post the apps here, you can get advice on this question.

Also, a general common way to monetize most apps nowadays is to use Google Admob (Show Ads in the App and get paid per click)

Here it goes, kindly recommend a good web hosting company for a little wordpress site 

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Thanks man
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