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Real-Time Discussions

Has anyone tried ntel unlimited offer, is it really without a data cap ? 

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chai for the mallams

double chai for the mallams

O boy you miss road, we don't click links here. so am going to dislike you

  1. Request URL:

The URL above shows that etisalat or 9mobile is tracking your page visit. Also, there is an error in the js file they injected into every page. The error conflict with Wordpress Dashboard. 

A Quick fix for Developer is to ensure your website(s) is on HTTPS to bypass the js-file injection.

By the way SSL Cert is free, why not get yours

Who in the house has used paystack v2, should please, put me through how to use it. It is not well documented for use(in my opinion)

If v1 is working well for you, kindly stick to it until paystack provide more API Docs. except there are new features you need to take advantage of

Check our their sample on this page https://developers.paystack.co/v2.0/docs/quickstart#section-popup

Coming from a developer's angle .. I really did not see any difference between them. It's still the same callback and post to an api endpoint . .  nothing more nothing less. Maybe you could tell us exactly the issue you are having,

@goomuyis but am unable to integrate the v1 again. Don't have the link.

Please guys i need help, I need to pay for domain name and hosting on https://www.namecheap.com i have been trying it but its not going through

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thank God!

That is why You need a MasterCard link to GTBank. Thank me latter

olamide and wizkid no dey play at all check them out both here Olamide ft wizkid Tototi

Hey All! I have been away distracted positively by numerous projects. I have a task for anyone who is capable of handling a new project. I have a handful of obligations  to accomplish and are strictly time-bound and can't dabble into another one just yet.

Here goes:

"Hi Paul, 

Thanks for the sincere feedback 

I can understand that you are busy but since you asked, what I want to accomplish is to build an Automatic Speech Recognition system for the Yoruba language using CMU Sphinx and

I want it delivered maximum in 3 weeks time.  

The objective of this research is to simulate a speech recognition prototype that can recognize words in Yoruba languages using CMU Sphinx, as Sphinx make use of HMMs to discover the best channel through the joint constraints of the language model, lexical, and acoustic model, given the audio input. In order to meet the objective, a limited word grammar will be constructed, a dictionary will be created and data from Yoruba language speakers will be recorded and trained thereafter. The system will be tested using testing corpus data and live data and the system should have a relatively high recognition rate. to implies that the objective of creating a system that can recognize spoken Yoruba languages can be achieved.

Please let know if it is something you can do

Many Thanks"

Tony how every...You don finish work here o

Finish job keh? a developers work is never done!

Codes get abandoned. There are always improvements even at the point of shipping.

I commend all the work done here so far..Amazing!!!

Nice project, lemme run for my life :D
sudo stop running && reboot
Good afternoon coders

I need a quick review on this link


And of course feedback

Thank you
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Without using a downloaded template, can you start from the base, then build up all the features gradually. The template makes it look over-bloated and makes it difficult (for me) to test. 

it took me 2 weeks to lay the foundation of findmyrib.com (using drupal) which still look like a mess to me, it is family job anyway, so I have all the time to work on it

If you cannot code so much try laying your hand on Wordpress 1st, then try Drupal if you are sure someone is paying for the food you eat, you will have enough time to learn it

Another purpose you need to define is being a Developer or Creator. A Developer with build all from the ground. A Creator will use any means to establish. If you want to start your SN very fast with speed, be a creator, buy a script from codecanyon spend some time to configure it, voila you are good to go for test running, test run again, and again, then and again with your friends, and again with your friends' friend++, 

Trust me you don't want to singularly be a SN developer or do?rollingeyes

First I worked on the login and sign-up page you talked about @dhtml
I'll send the others ones soon

reset password - 404 

You probably need to clear up cookies.
I just tried it now and it took me to the page

Who can hep me solve this issue 

Go to this page: http://wampserver.aviatechno.net/
scroll down to the place where this is "Visual C++ Redistribuable Packages"
I dont know if your system is 32 bits or 64 bits, try installing those redistributables, one of them will surely work.
This is what i did last week when i had that same issue.

Boss help

Can anyone suggest good documentation on how to integrate paystack with Django web app

Have you tried the Inline HTML embed? It will run payment as normal, it let to you to do payment confirmation.

I once used it with a Wordpress plugin that doesn't have Paystack gateway. the output look rough but work

yeap, i have used this too of recent, makes sense. 


How many year will it take to create a betting site like bet9ja 

Best answer I can give you is that it depends on how you work?

1. If it is 1 single person doing the whole development work, then you will consider a lot of things, how experienced is the person, how busy is the person, how skilled is the person?

2. If it is a team, the same question of how skilled the team is e.t..c will come into play.

3. If it is an efficient development team, I will say 4-8 weeks on the average.

honestly sites like this are usually purchased for companies that have spent time and money developing a close to perfect prototype , which can easily be tweaked to meet any company's desire.

Hiring developers to build from scratch for you might not be a worthwhile investment.