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Using your preferred programming language, how many days (or months?) will it take you to write a complete user management system?

By "User Management System", I mean integrating all of the following:

Registration system

Login System

User verification system either through phone or email

Social Media Integration, probably just 4 or 5. E.g. GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

Then Unit Test and Debug?

3 hours to whip up the code structure . . . then populating with data is another story on its own. If i am to populate with seeded data, then give or take, if i m not feeling lazy,  12 hours.

Lemme leave this one for my oga's at d top

which forum script is this website using : https://wakanda.ng/

By the way, the site has some very bad FOUTs . .  Needs fixing.

please share code.please see some of our expertise here www.myhomepage.dx.am.
adnan shahid.
Morning Question:

As a developer, if you are given the task to develop a desktop base banking software.

Which language or tech stack will you consider first ?
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I will dive in with C#

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adnan shahid.


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Nice site, but needs a lil UI touch

Nice site but too slow for a start

I have a facebook like website developed by 2 year ago hosted here www.adnanshahid89.byethost7.com that i want to sell.
What are some marketing tips for selling online websites developed by enterpreneurs/self employed freelancers. Anyone involved in this of work please share.


On of my greatest challenge is pricing.

if someone ask you how much you will charge to develop a site like:

https://refer.ng (this is nairaland clone)


https://wakanda.ng (this looks like an online forum script somewhere... who knows the script name ? )

how much will you charge ?

250k is okay but nairaland clone script is everywhere.

Any python Programmer here?

Yeap, i see them in the forum sometimes trolling about.

Have u done any project with python
I've been learning python on and off for awhile now, wouldn't call myself a python programmer (or programmer) for that matter. I saw a headline to an article that I didn't click on the other day which said something like "How to not get stuck in tutorial hell" or something like that. I think I'm in that tutorial hell.

How to creat a Slider Please with HTML And css only ?


without javaScript?


something like this - http://wowslider.com/bootstrap-carousel-example-shift-demo.html ?

or even this - https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/carousel/

call me if you have project related to





08131871049... Let build awesome stuff together.

Hello, i'm interested. can you email me at moubymoud@gmail.com ? 

let's build something great.