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Morning All...

Something just came into my Mind today that why Programmer's / Developer's at big Company like Google, Facebook & Microsoft have the Full Script / code  the company is running.. 

I dont think any single developer have access to the full source code, you only work on your own section finish.

ooooohh .......... i now get that 


As A Programmer Can You ever Allow Your Child / Children To Study Computer Science In Nigeria Universities??

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You are not a patriotic citizen my brother, not fair at all.

All of you people that want to run away from Nigeria, there is God o!

i cant just blame my mother for bringing me to nigeria ... Yeee Who Slap me blush

Can anyone recommend a good social network engine that can do a forum and a blog?

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I am just trying to build a small community around my alumni group, that is all.

there is nothing actually wrong with building a social network? especially if it is for a group of people. I think you should give a shot at oxwall.org cms.

thanks dhtml, that is an excellent suggestion, i will give it a try

oh this solution is php based, wow, I will install it on my local system and give it a shot.


This My 2nd Header Design Pls Rate the.. though not responsive the way i want it ti be,,,

Am Having Problem with the resize text for mobile.

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did you try em for your scale instead of pixels?

bandageblowKiss e be like say them join ASUU for strike ni o. Even me i had to do a SHIFT + F5 to refresh before them work.

i dont understand what u mean by scale 

Scale is units of measurement, just like you say fish 1 KILO. Here we use units like pixels, em e.g style="font-size:12em;"


Why is it that Internet Explorer is the most Useless Browser Have Ever Seen.

his it that they Don't have the capacity or Idea to Build A better Browser? 

It is a rather madt browser truth be told, follows only its standard.

i belive dey get paid for making thier browser Useless

they created their own browser standard which unfortuately developers did not buy.


Political / Tech Discussion Time.....

Do You think Online Voting for Political Seat will be possible??

For me i don't think it can ever be possible bringing that idea to nigeria

What do you think?? Will that bring more space in cheating?

It is possible, but rigging is always the problem.

I want to appreciate all those that have been catching bugs relentlessly here, session bugs, cookie bugs, css bugs, device compatibility bugs e.t.c in fact too many bugs to count. 

Hoo bugs, let me go and see if I can catch any bugs. Does anybody have IE 5?


Internet explorer 5.0 (deprecated browser)

Who is supporting that oldskul browser in this age and time? 

This will eventually be the first online haven for African coders, where we can all share our thoughts and works. And we will all contribute to make this happen..

That is very interesting indeed, and a very nice concept too if I may add.

Our very own space at long last!

Hi everyone, the issue with login has been resolved, you can now login freely once again. Apologies to everyone that was unable to login earlier.

wow! i can login on my old browser once again. great work!

Any body here with working Nnu script, I mean with all the functions working perfectly.. I tink it a WordPress base stuff so if you have the theme or willing to develop it at cheat rate comment below.

I am not sure it is wordpress mind you --- dont ask me how I know sha.

it is custom built

Still trying yto figure out how that thing works, been too lazy to investigate deeply