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Who has a project idea, one that we can jointly work on as a community of programmers, irrespective of the choice of programming language?

that is a very difficult something to be honest

Olohun the tin difficult gann
I don't think it's difficult..

I use Figma recently for my designs. No installation, can be used for free with nearly all the basic features that are needed. It is just really simple like that.

And again, browser is the new OS, nothing more.

Yeap, you got that right. Now you can execute C++, JAVA e.t.c sample codes directly with web applications, and see the result of your codes immediately, we are moving forward.

His creating of Web app with Java cool?

No law against it, but it is not so popular.

Wow, I will love to check that out

I dont encourage it mind you, I am not ready for a lengthy argument. But take a look at this thread - https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/102090/why-isnt-java-used-for-modern-web-application-development
It will give you a good idea of why I dont recommend it for regular applications.

Tanks Boss.. 

Good App indeed

I was hoping to make an npm module to allow for Google Map Places and and Google map incorporated just as https://tomchentw.github.io/react-google-maps/#searchbox

But Google hit me hard with their Request Per Day and Query Per Second limits, requesting for billing details before I can continue developing.

Card details? meaning, I have passed my threshold, I should start paying for the rest requests to come, and I am still developing, what the heck just happened to Map, then I recalled

This is limiting, most of the documentation examples that are using Google Maps are down, may be they are facing same issues that I just witnessed.

Solution, look for similar alternative, I found https://developer.here.com/ they are quite similar to Google Maps and offer a free 250k transactions monthly.

This is why we need XBOX to counter SONY, AZURE to counter AWS and likes. Monopoly is good for the business man, not for end users, in the end, no one is a monopoly, as Google Maps can't claim monopoly anymore.

But to be honest, Google maps has a lot of features and features, maybe thats why they are feeling cocky

these are the types of exceptions programmers face from time to time.

When you make billions, you have so much money left after expenses that can be wisely use for research to create more billions.

I want to learn more javascript. Any guide? Any advice?

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Can someone help me lay my hands on this YDKJS?

@omnipotens, why are you hijacking my thread lol. #ItsAllowed.


@limistah Thanks for the share.

@BestNaija Overtaking is allowed wink

What will be your comment when Some one decide to build an E-commerce website with Java 👶
Actually an ecommerce app with java would be awesome
I hate bugs that appear after deadline, those bugs are hired assassin, very deadly set of professionals 😒😒😂
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Death to all bugs!!!

There are some bugs that pop up after the deadline or while presenting your app.

They are frustrating and targets the deadliest part of the body, their aim is just to ruin everything and make the programmer feel incompetent.

Like presenting to client:
After you log in, it reloads the page and shows theeeeeee..... Daaashboooaaard

Loading never stops, the programmer will be wondering, what did I do wrong, I tested it before I got here. I tested it before I sent it to them. And worst part, might be a new line or comma or semi colon or any syntax stuff due to a recent change you made.

To reduced these errors to the nearest minimum, a good test that covers the code base should be put in place.
This limistah na comedian.... Lolzz Swears, if I tell the bug I faced today, the app I did has a one time registration and login on first page.... After weeks of coding, I decide to run the app from scratch, like uninstall and start login again Alas, the app no gree register or login, Shooo, how I'm I supposed to present an app that works well but won't register or log in any user, u get my point? Like without user authentication, dem no go see how the app be ?
Now you picture the whole scenario. And even some very little bugs that you won't notice would be preparing a welcome party at the moment.

In the end, they DIE and get a GRAND BURIAL
Are u a Linux User and u run Android studio on Linux Pls I need your help...

o no, i have run it on windows and mac, so i dont qualify to answer

Me neither... Linux ke, I want an easy life please

I have not installed it but am sure setting ENV variable will be time consuming for new users like us


If you remember the piece above, salute to you BOSS!!!

Anyway am the 1st to get a dislike on Africoder, because I dislike my own commentblush

You be all those boys selling the pirated CDs all over the place abi? This one e be like windows key o, err, windows xp i guess.

I don't even understand, but I'm a boss?

license key or what  

Correct! => Windows XP SP2

I don't know the number of times i have type it. I have to do it once more to show someone i can run windows on my Ubuntu, Win XP seems to be the fastest installation