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Mr DHTML please i just followed you please return it i want us to talk privately

I have chatted you up actually


I heard that  Youtube was built in with Php at the First place But was later Changed to Python.

Why? is it that python is more powerful than Php?

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Tanks sir's

you are welcome

You can use python to build app MobiCart, RhoMobile, SwebApps, PhoneGap, Mippin, Appcelerator, AppMkr, Sencha Touch, GENWI, MoSync, WidgetPed, and Whoop are some of the top tools used for cross-formatting in mobile application development. Python-Based Mobile Applications Aarlogic C05/3: Ready-to-use GSM/GPS tracking PCB with a Python development board along with the support of test server based on Google Maps. Pyroute: A GPS-capable mapping/routing application for mobile. FoodPlus: A mobile food app which simplifies the process of food ordering and tracking, specially designed for food lovers. AppBackup: An app for jailbroken iOS devices that lets one back up and restore the settings and data of App Store apps.

That is very very interesting

This Forum is interesting! is obvious that have been missing a lot here

You are most welcome my friend, we are moving forward small small.

dhtml i want to communicate with you privately 

Am finding this place more lively than nairaland programming section....
Hope we are permited to write codes here oo

Why not? this is just like a big err coding board, no spam bot to ban you from writing codes

<title>I love this</title>
window.onload=function () {
alert("document is ready");
A simple javascript intro

As simple as that. . .

You are welcome, notice here smileys will not tamper with your codes. That is why I dont support smiley codes, here is primarily for programmers.


Why do senior developers call PHP a shit Language?
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Bros i have to follow you from nairaland to this place...how to i pm you on this platform

Oh, ordinarily when you follow a person, and they follow you back, you can message from the inbox area.

I have followed you pls kindly return the gesture i need to wisper privately to your hears ooo

I have followed you back and actually messaged you, by the way I just enabled the real chatroom back on the navigational.

But you can use this link https://africoders.com/chats/ - i took it down for debugging earlier but guess you can use it. It has a whisper feature.

Good morning peeps. Who has use remitano api?

This one big pass me o

Saw this on nairaland.com and decided to share it with you here. Is about a guy's post who created a yoruba oriented programming language.


or the github repo


NB. yorlang is a yoruba version of js

it is a very good move, once devs can support it

Wow the guy really try.. and they will be saying Nigerians programmers are scrap

Wow! That's great.

We are getting there, our boys are really working hard these days.

Hello Africoders

Hi there Mr Effik! you are welcome to africoders!!

Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation ???

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Just hearing zub for the first time, but I for sure kno you can't go wrong with Boostrap

Bootstrap is found practically everywhere you find jquery, wordpress, drupal, themeforest, even .NET sef.
Some mobile development frameworks use it as well. It is not that there are no other frontend frameworks mind you.

is themeforest now a front-end language?

No it is not, just a place where you can purchase themes.

Papa Dhtml..

What do u have to tell those young boys that think yahoo is the only sure way to survive

They need to re-orient themselves and learn that there are other ways to survive, if everyone is doing yahoo, then we will all just kill-off each other.
They need to repent before it is too late for them.

Love that bro