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if you can develop an app like uber contact me ASAP, lets work

where should we contact you on

Errh... Can updated status (Status with new comments added) move to the top than stay down since it's real-time and has the latest update time in DB...

The 'even' and 'odd' padding seems so close. Can you try a custom styling for it to increase the padding. I noticed that the theme style it to
td, th { padding: .3em .5em; }

You can try leaving the global `td` and `th` and styling the individual class [or you can test out with the global `td` and `th` to see how much changes it would render]
.views-field .views-field-nothing { padding: 1.25rem; }

Editing your status, the textarea doesn't auto expand. Check and apply script to render properly.

And that should be seen by Dhtml himself
Seen and noted with thanks, working. . . . .will soon start commiting changes

I don arrest the bot

i want to creat a chatting platform with video,audio,text and picture shareing support what language must i use?
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can i even creat an application with js?

sure you can, take a look at https://socket.io and google node.js

@dhtml...socket.io...have been looking for this.

You are welcome, and I also remember writing some php equivalents for socket.io just you check out my repo for some of my works on sockets - https://github.com/dhtml

Quick Suggestion: The marketing team of Africoders needs to find innovative strategies to attract active and nice 'contributors' to this portal asap. Noobs are getting attracted to AC but from my observations, most of their questions (which is why they are here in the first place) are not been treated, at least, to their satisfaction by the current community members.
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@drocksofangelo I see now. I am using freebasics on a laptop using mobile view switcher. It doesn't always load the pages properly. For anyone doing the same here is the link to the forum - https://www.0.freebasics.com/https/fb.africoders.com/forums

I am reading everything o. @0CooL I did not even know that they have approved the freebasics sef. Anyway, an update is getting rolled out pretty much soon to try to address all your concerns. I appreciate all the contributions so far.

The navbar button doesn't work for me on freebasics.

I am just using the freebasics version for the first time today. I applied, facebook never confirmed that them don activate am for freebasics. And this is what I was waiting for before I continue with the update.

I suggest the <>Forums link have a drop-down of all the forum options.... This way, I won't have to load a new page each time I want to visit forums.... Even... If there's a way, bring ALL the Forums options to the front page.... I didn't know those forum options existed after spending 7 days reading comments here.... They should be seen by people... It makes life easier

That is interesting, I will put this into consideration in the next major update.

Please who have the API that to verify Nigeria bank account name ?

Any feedback yet ?
paystack has an api that allow you to verify bank account. check the developer section


that might not be what you are really look for but if you look around very well paystack sure have it.

Thanks so much bro

Ehen, I was going to say paystack but I just chose to keep quiet small and see if there was another.

Good morning coders, I need a way out, please. Im learning web development, and I have a project to work on but my problem is the DESIGN aspect. I have learned a lot of html and CSS and little of javascript. I don't know about design but I can code almost any design. I'm totally stuck.
If you can code any design then you don't have problem,
1. Sketch your layouts you can think of on paper (preferably Photoshop or any edit softwares)
2. Work on the colours combination.
You can carry on from there.
I hope these will help.
try to learn bootstrap...in few days, it will help your design and also make things fast
How can u not know about design, but can code any design? Your post and Bible, I don't know which is more contradicting
I'm new hère. I want to create a forum for maintenance and réparation. Which langage can i use ? Need help
I've started it with bootstrap and i want to convert it in Android. What should i do ?

You cannot just convert bootstrap to android just like that. You can learn something like IONIC framework.

Finally, them don approve africoders freebasics version. Waiting for final publication so that we can launch that too.

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@dhtml biko how does one apply for that stuff?

It allows you to browse a website using facebook free mode (without data). We still dey await full publication.

saw that and am happy...congrat to everyone here
I greet every guru on this platform...just joining you here.