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Can Youtube diskspace ever get fiiled?

How do I configure my WAMP mail function to send send mails? I have forgotten how I got it to work sometime in the past installing one sendmail library like that.

Do you want to read the email on your local windows server, or you want to send it out to a real mailbox? (both are possible)

Both if possible else just  the sending

I dont know if both is possible at the same time. But take a look at this thread - https://technology.siprep.org/configuring-sendmail-for-gmail-on-a-wamp-server/

You can send me a message with your email so that I can give you a software that can help you locally. This one does not need any configuration to work locally.

I have found the link to the stuff that works locally - https://github.com/rnwood/smtp4dev
You can look for the one for your own system here - https://github.com/rnwood/smtp4dev/releases

I find it strange that copy a transparent png image from the browser is more efficient on Linux(Ubuntu) than windows. the former allows you to copy the image transparency while windows block it

Linux/Mac have better image capacity, and file system management. I dont know why, but it is what I have observed too.

But the transparency one, I have not tried it before, I will give it a shot, this is an interesting discovery.

Please I need an honest review on my recently completed script I built and designed from scratch which can be seen on https://www.icobreak.com

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Keep up the good work, you did an excellent job there. I will still do more reviews, i will even fire some random CSRF attacks on it later.

Okay, no problem. Thanks for your time

Your site security seems fine from a basic point of view. I am not an expert in this area mind you.

Nice design love it, and it's fast also
I heard some guys having argument about the best php frame work.

So i decided to bring the discussion down to africoder. "Which PHP framework do you think his the best your reasons"


That is an argument that will never end, my best answer is LARAVEL. It is the best php framework I have used, but as I have not used EVERY PHP framework, so I cannot say.
The answers will depend on the experience of the commenter.

Laravel all the way :)
Hello Guys, it been a long break.. Now am back.

The question here is that if you are been offered 50 million to quit programming after spending years and becoming Senior dev. Will you Accept/Not

Honest Answer Needed

I will not quit, because I believe it is possible for a programmer to build an app that will make 50 million per year. Yeap, I have heard of some naija developers do this.

There are startups before the time of Konga, Jumia and likes that raked in 250k/month, and are Nigerian focused. So, yeah, programming can make you more.
I go quit sharparly... Lol, most of us will quit sef, except dhtml

Why am I the EXCEPTION!

Good morning all.

Please i need .htaccess code to redirect http to https.

Any hep?

Something like this?


RewriteEngine On
# enforce no www so that www.africoders.com redirects to https://africoders.com
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.africoders\.com [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://africoders.com/$1 [R=301,L]

# enforce ssl redirection ensures that http://africoders.com redirects to https://africoders.com

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^africoders\.com [NC]

RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://africoders.com/$1 [R=301,L]

Something like that..

Hello everyone i just found this today seems so cool here

I'm a web dev beginner and i need some advice, ive been searching for what i have to learn in order to be a professional developer, i learnt html, css and learning javascript. I also know the basics of python

I saw many options on what to learn so I'm confused on what to start with

Thanks in adv

You are welcome. Python is cool, the way to strengthen yourself is by giving yourself test projects to do, this keeps you engaged and helps you to sharpen your skills.
Another means is by working close to already established developers, this will help you to shape up your skills too.

Another means is by working close to already established developers, this will help you to shape up your skills too.

This will help you move in a speed of light.

One thing to note is that, It takes 21 years to be 21 years old, and it happens with a lot of processes. 

I am please to announce that our "GIGS" will soon be available, just a few more things to put in place. 
The original plan was to interface it directly into this website, but polls made it clear that is better it lives in a sub-domain as it is a separate service on its own --- so the plan is to move it here - https://jobs.africoders.com/
Although, activities happening there will reflect on the main website (africoders.com). It will soon be opened, people should just be patient.
However, if you have any feature suggestion, you can say it. I am always willing to hear the views of my fellow developers (one tree cannot make a forest).

This is a very good innovation

thank you o jare.

Hello peeps! I came here from nairaland and honestly, I like what I'm seeing.

You're welcome to our abode

Welcome @mreffk, hope you have a nice time here.