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Who are Blockchain Developers?

Blockchain development is the new trend. Putting aside the hypes and big titles, who is really a blockchain developer?

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Nodejs achievements

*PayPal experienced double the number of request per-second and reduce response time by 35%.

*Groupon re-implemented their system in Node.js which helped them in dropping the page load time by a whopping 50%.

*LinkedIn moved to Node.js from Rails for their mobile traffic whereby reducing the number

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What is the latest trend in programming?

What is the latest trend in programming?

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I heard Many guys saying getting married to a female Programmer

I heard Many guys saying  getting married to a female Programmer Will be very cool but too me it seems improper.  i can only have a girl developer as a girl friend only.

My Reasons

As we all know, we programmers work throughout the night and mostly sleep in the morning, but for a wife house this isn'

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Africoders First Competition

This is a recap mind you this post was made at Nov 10, 2018 on Nairaland before the second ban on africoders:

Winners goes home with N 30,000, second goes home with 20k, third goes home with 5k.

If you wish to sponsor, please indicate your interest and how much you wish to contribute. If we get spon

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Are you a developer? Earn up to 1000 dollars a day with is a platform where geographically distributed developers work on assigned development tasks and get paid on an hourly basis. Earnings range from 4 to 40 dollars per hour depending on your level of experience/proficiency in your chosen stack.

Our clients are foreign, multinational, and

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How to Setup a Linux Server to be Access from Internet

I am getting a proposal that will require making provision for a premises server, with few packages to be installed such as mysql etc. Am not sure if they are going to have a static ip from their isp or dynamic from a dhcp server. In either case i need to prepare before they hand the job over to me.

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SSL certificate..can they be installed manually

Good day i will like to know if ssl can be installed manually How to check a Good one how is a browser able to detect a good certificate in seconds can i create my certificate my self?... more questions to ask...

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What are the opportunities in Waves Block-chain?

I can see that we have a professional in the house here. Please enlighten us on "why waves block-chain", what makes it unique?

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"ALTER TABLE `myfriends` DROP `unuseful_ones`";

"ALTER TABLE myfriends DROP unuseful_ones";

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Things you can do in programming world without coding that can bring you good and great return

i will be sharing on this trend things you can do in programming / software engineering environment that can give you lots of return and some time give you reputation that most programmers dont earn esily.

this trend is going to be a long trend so sit back and relax as i will be giving daily update

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Paystack ruby on rails

Who has implemented the paystack ruby on rails API

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How To Use SSH on cPanel :: A lesson for beginners

We are going to be looking at the SSH:

SSH(Secure Shell) is a network protocol that allows a secure access over an encrypted connection. Through an SSH connection you can easily manage your files and folders, modify their permissions, edit files directly on the server, configure and install your scr

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How to Open a Port other than port 80 and 22 on Amazon EC2

If you have ever hosted a microservices based application on EC2, you often find you have to serve different content on different ports. The problem though is that amazon ec2 does not allow incoming traffic to ports other than port 80 and 22 by default. This short post, is a reminder to myself an

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PHP Lumen How to Resolve CORS Problems once and for all when interfacing with javascript frontend.

CORS (Cross origin resource sharing) rules were made with good intentions in mind. The general idea is that an api, should not serve requests made by another server. Rather, it should only send requests to a client app like postman, curl, or a browser. For instance, if you own A guy

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Africoders Online Classrooms Are Opening

Good day everyone, this is to announce to you guys that our online classroom features are going to be opening very soon. The Africoders team is currently running some staging tests on the class section, in case you are interested in being a part of this test, whether as a teacher or student, kindly

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Check, Review and Give FeedBack

This is one of the project I did when I was learning vueJS.. Kindly review and give your FeedBack @ @Iamdyt

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Python Programming Tutorial

Hello africoders,
This thread is for tutorials on python programming fundamentals.
Hope you enjoy it.

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My Experience With Working on cPanel Hosting

cPanel! cPanle!! cPanel!!! Na 3 whole times I call thy name. The Almighty and Invincible cPanel, created by the gods of programming for mere mortals. I have to salute cPanel like that because you see, many people have made cPanel their GOD so to speak. They have come to believe that when you talk of

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Africoders Upgrade & Login Issues

Good day everyone, Africoders is extremely close to launching, that is why a lot of last minute changes are going on here and there. If you have an account already and you are unable to login to the forum, please try clear your cache and do so again (or use a new browser). This is due to change in

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Help!! My cPanel is misbehaving, I get this perl warnings all the time

Whenever I try to use ssh on my cPanel, here is what I normally see:

    perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
    perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:
        LANGUAGE = (unset),
        LC_ALL = (unset),
        LANG = "en_US.UTF-8"
    are supported and installed on your system.

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Africoders to the world, what can you say about the new design

[{"insert":"The new design and pattern is so gorgeous, starting from the design it so lite and super fast,\nauto draft function also brew me up. \nWhat do you like about this new design?"},{"insert":{"emoji":{"emojiChar":"\ud83d\ude2f"}}},{"insert":"\n"},{"insert":{"embed-external":{"data":{"mediaID

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Finding Faster WordPress Hosting for Better Performnacee

Slow WordPress is the issue people are facing around the world, for this I will suggest people find the fastest hosting for wordpress that offers high availability and server response.

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WordPress Staging Environment

If you are an agency or an individual developer, a WordPress staging environment is a great way to accelerate the development workflow and to deliver mockups to your clients before the deadlines.

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Ensodev startup dairy, my journey as a enterprenue in the tech world

i will be sharing my journey to my 5 startup companies , i will share my mistakes, my joy, how am raising funds why am starting those companies, my daily activities on the companies will be shared here. pls stay tuned.

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Nairaland seems block some keywords and africoders is among

i tried to post something about africoder now, but i discover each time i view my post africoder is changing to nairaland, funny though, i see no need for such.

have not tried the likes of keywords like facebook or other but i know quite well seun will not be blocking those

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Getting Started with Waves Blockchain - Easy!

We would get started with Waves explanation in general. Waves is developing tools for building the decentralized technology layer that will become the backbone of Web3.0 - our future digital landscape. Web3 will see progressive decentralization of critical online infrastructure, making extensive us

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Two separate databases

My developer uses Sql Server for my two projects , the two software were working fine suddenly i can not login into the other again. initial the one is uses username and password while other maintain the same username and password the second project in the same SQL management. any time i want to l

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error: cannot find symbol variable edt

Who has idea of how to solve this error, it happen while i want to compile the Activity and run on mobile

error: cannot find symbol variable edt

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Php Into Andriod Programming

As a beginner in the Android developer world, I want to understand the relationship between Android and PHP or any backend language

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