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IDK what am looking for .... and so Domain registrar for nairaland.com is Qservers.net


Hehehehe, what is err wrong with it? You bad gan o, you go dig am out just like that!!

Help; how to setup hotspot on android using


Please copy and paste the code here
I'm new hère. I want to create an application in c that manage students. Which langage can i use ?
Do you want to create everything
Néed courses on NodeJS please

Can Somebody tell me how much I can charge monthly for a church website Maintainance 

Hello colleagues

i need help can please somebody help me on how I can create blogs
Hmmm, if you're ready then I'm ready

Status of the products and  souls is highlighted for the organization of the substances. The approach of the www.edubirdie.org is insured for the individuals. The status is reformed in context of the forth accessed items for the persons.

Go to blogspot.com
Any body here with working Nnu script, I mean with all the functions working perfectly.. I tink it a WordPress base stuff so if you have the theme or willing to develop it at cheat rate comment below.

I am not sure it is wordpress mind you --- dont ask me how I know sha.

it is custom built

Still trying yto figure out how that thing works, been too lazy to investigate deeply

how did this post came u again

I have a working nnu clone Check sr.ubeets.com Admin login available in request. Call or WhatsApp: 07036995613 08071497231

How can I compare or check if all array values are the same in PHP?

you want to compare 2 arrays? why not try array_intersect. Let us see the two arrays first,

please how can I make my webpage endless

infinity scroller things

what is happening here

programmers are trollin'