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Real-Time Discussions

Is it compulsory to use framework for all projects ? Small or large.

I don't want to use any framework for the project am working on now, its a school project, what's your advise ?

Nay, it is not compulsory. Use any approach you think is best based on your skillsets.

my personal view, there are various reasons frameworks exist, and the basics being easy security patches , ease and speed of development, ease in maintenance and code reusability to name a few.

If you are working on a school project and plan on learn a thing or two from it , then go ahead and build without a framework, but if you plan on working on an "enterprise" class project , please save yourself the stress and frustration of having to build everything by yourself, plus most clients don't have all day waiting for you to reinvent the wheel. 

Thanks so much, am going to share the link to the project once am able to implement some of the envisioned features

Netghost is more than correct, you build a good strong project with a framework. Truth be told, if I have to build a school portal, i wont do so without a framework.

Another question; What is egbon Tony doing so far to get Africoders out there? I think the ingredients done complete for the community to GO LIVE. The rest go come as spices

Just a few important bugs left to fix, and one more feature. Then we now GO LIVE which should happen in another 1-2 months by the grace of God.

Iyanu a shele lagbara Olorun
#Bug alert

There is a problem with the menu on Chrome mobile, haven't try other browser yet, but chrome is not showing the text in the menu link.

good one, gracias

The Menu is supposed to be Icon Only, CSS will fix it

    .navbar-collapse .navbar-nav > li{
        float: left;
    .navbar-around .navbar-nav li a.parent i {
        margin-top: 5px;

Sorry i am not looking into this yet, I am working on a general upgrade of the interface. And will change the theme to something similar still but the html/css codes will change

Is there anyone who can give me a suggestion for the hosting of my blog. I mean what should I pick either managed cloud hosting or unmanaged cloud hosting. I am looking for AWS cloud hosting and their are companies like Cloudways who are providing the managed AWS cloud hosting. So which one is better.?

For a blog, I guess anyone goes. It will depend on cost. I always advise that you start small, and as you grow, you can use larger resources -- scale up as is required.

R+ for dhtml

If you are just starting, lets say less than 500 visits per day, go for share. I will like to recommend inmotionhosting shared hosting, very expensive though. 

But if you are just starting afresh, pick one of the local Hosting. Move abroad if they ever screw your website. 

Dont forget Regular backup

J+ for goodmuyis, I just did not want to say it earlier, but you see, for a blog that is just starting a share is just better.

Good day #developer please I need hyperstv.com mobile theme for WordPress #PHP

A paid job?

Since you are using Newspaper, I will do Mobile Configuration for $15

Good evening everyone. I really need help or guide on deploying a Laravel and Vuejs Web App to a shared hosting server... kindly help out please.
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thanks @Olidev I have already solved this issue

How did you solve the said issue?

I built the web app using production mode and deployed it excluding the node modules folder.

oh i see, interesting

Good afternoon coders
I need a quick review on this link

Hmn, i have reviewed it briefly, i will do a more thorough review later. Though i found some UI/UX bugs sha, i will do second pass and report properly later

Its built on WordPress, find a cool music theme for the website, if you want something simple, try "Voice WordPress theme"
as a newbie in the programming firm when is it expected to create a portfolio 

As soon as you have something to put there, as soon as you start working. Even if you like put a demo of something you have done there.

Hey guys. Up Nigeria!!! fisthandsoccer-ball

Is there a platform where one can quickly design an interface(using drag and drop) and get the html/css/js code generated automaticallyrelievedrelieved

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Lol @dhtml

I meant something that is a little bit close to the demonstration in this video.


Getting codes from frontend image or something close to wix where i can easily edit.

oh i see, that is pretty interesting

try out wit.com

Serverless do runs on servers
Cloud is someone else's computer
Google actually does not own those content
Videos are actually fast playing static photos
Images are a bunch of encoded strings.

Add a computer/programming/technological myth.

Edit 1:
@silverGeek ==> Artificial Intelligence is just a bunch of ifs

Edit 2:

@goodmuyis ==> Source-code a set of lingua alphabet 

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Its also the same as leaving the neural computations that goes on in a living organism including human and only basing it on "Bunch of IFs".


If lion is seen run, else keep walking.

And discarding the nueral workflows that enables recognition of the lion or movement of limbs.

Before nko? programming na programming jare, leave story aside.

You are correct. The decision making is what makes human superb. And that happens with a bunch of control statements.

We use eye to see dog, cat. We can identify instantly based on some params our eyes send to our brain, the brain then decides for us what the actual item is (based on previous data set, as we can't identify what we've not seen before).

Our ability to make decision is one of those that make us the complex computer ever.

AI is just helping the computer make decisions, smart one at that.

I understand your point, without the function that provides the determinant value, we are not that human. You are looking deeper into the picture that way. And you're correct.

I understand your perspective too.