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Real-Time Discussions

Merry Xmas to every coder.. Less bugs to our codes and more money to our accts :)
Same to you, man. :)
Thank you for the good wishes.

Thanks for the best wishes too.

Happy xmas. What resources can I use to learn twig template and doctrine ORM

It is well documented, the docs should be enough in most cases.

Merry Christmas people

I wish you the same friend


Ah, you have left the GODMODE be that o.

Solved? I can also confirm that there is a bug in the API. However, from your end, be sure to verify you are not doing something wrong. Most of my posts are from the app currently in development. Including this comment.

Hehehe, silento reported this bug to me, and we trashed it out together, and yes, it appears to be solved.

I'm still getting this bug tho.. must be from my end then.

it has been solved

call the api like this



    auth : Username token


example auth : "silento r654gwbdhfghjsishjshsjsgh=="

Who is the main owner of a company CEO or Chairman

Differentiate CEO from Chairman, please.

What excites you about your choice of programming language??

Solving problems with it, as simple as that. I was very excited when I learnt how to build desktop apps like calculators, notepad e.t.c many years back

For me, it is the flexibility and almost perfect design that excites me.

that is very well said and I agree too

Another comment to be deleted. Edited too.

How would you explain the meaning of Linux Distro to 10 year old kid 

Question for the gods

Hello guys, am here again, this year is going to an end, make Oga @dhtml send us chicken for Christmas.

One of my goal comes 2019 is to make sure I attend developer's bootcamps, hackathon or hangout.

I want to ask if there is anyone who can give me information or link me with some around oyo, osun or Ogun state even Lagos.

Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

I wish you merry xmas too my friend. I will advise you to grab this chicken for your consumption.

And yes, the bootcamp something is very important, and possibly Africoders may be organizing some next year if things go according to plan.

I will definitely be happy to attend. Please keep us updated, things must go well

will do that most definitely, you guys should just keep in touch

Tell me, what has been your favorite NodeJS web framework.

I believe in the API/Frontend separation of concerns, so I use FeathersJS, because I am a lazy developer. As some people call it, it has all the batteries that you can ever needed to supercharge your API. I might give some intro about it later.

Node Express is what I normally use.

So many frameworks have been built on Express library. One of which is Feathersjs

That is one of the very great things about it.

Good evening everyone. I really need help or guide on deploying a Laravel and Vuejs Web App to a shared hosting server... kindly help out please.
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I have been able to deploy the web app successfully...Thanks @dhtml and @limistah.Your contributions went a long way towards making it possible for me...I am presently facing an issue of fetching data from the database using Axios... It works perfectly offline...I have configured it with the online database details but still not loading the records. MySQL PDO driver has not been installed on the server

You are welcome, PDO is standard stuff for php these days, especially as more recent versions have phased out mysql plugin.
I believe you should be able to request for your host to provide this ASAP.

Already on that sir...thank  you

If your Laravel is connecting to the database check the URL you're sending your requests to from the network tab when axios makes a request. You can setup a dummy route that fetches records from the db on page loads if it works then your axios is not sending request to the right URL.