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can flutter take over from java and Kotlin?


multi language combination, 

howould u react if u see a novice learning PHP and JAVA all together 


if you can code a planet exactly like Earth, inbox me let talk business... 

blowKissWelcome me on board

I just feel like flexing around
My keyboard emoji is still not showing **crying**
who is this boy self 
Any body here with working Nnu script, I mean with all the functions working perfectly.. I tink it a WordPress base stuff so if you have the theme or willing to develop it at cheat rate comment below.

I am not sure it is wordpress mind you --- dont ask me how I know sha.

it is custom built

Still trying yto figure out how that thing works, been too lazy to investigate deeply

how did this post came u again

Here it goes, kindly recommend a good web hosting company for a little wordpress site 

namecheap.com, trudigits.com

Nothing sweet pass this.
Refactor with confidence.

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LOL, Someday you will understand even more of that. He is testing his js codes. Just like I am testing these too.

These ones na advance programmers with masters. We only dey test our own codes by running http://localhost/php/test.php if e write internal server error, that one mean say e no work be that.
Hahahahahahaha! Chai!! I am just kidding o, that one no be test at all. I think someone should write us a good article on how to test your codes.

Question Justified.

When code integrity is paramount, it is ideal to make sure that codes work more predictably and less/no bugs made it to production.

Automated testing is the way to go.

Bosses of life... How can I ever be worthy... Pls show ur boy d way
The forums are not being used mostly na.. only this Status box 🙄


The activities of the forums will see an increase following the next update. At the moment, let's deal with what the team has provided us, and don't be discouraged to use it.

not discouraged at all. alright

yeap, @limistah has spoken right.  We are observing the usage of every section and are working on how to improve the whole user experience. So bear with us for now.

And that was a good observation by the way, these kind of observations actually help us to channel our efforts better.

Let's keep evolving!!!

#PHP battle: I am observing a valiant battle of the php professors here ==>

PHP born and breds!!!

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