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I heard Many guys saying  getting married to a female Programmer Will be very cool but too me it seems improper.  i can only have a girl developer as a girl friend only.

My Reasons

As we all know, we programmers work throughout the night and mostly sleep in the morning, but for a wife house this isn't cool at all.... by the time she is suppose to be taking care of the children, she  will be busy snoring on bed like  ........grinsmile  

So what do u think on this issue???????????///

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Some have food, but cannot eat

Some can eat but have no food...

We want food that we can eat..

Glory be to africoders...

When it isn't your kind of food, just pass it on. You must not eat every meal set before you.

I dont personally buy the idea mind you. I like diversity.

Me I need a female dev as a wife oo @dhtml abeg help [code] import { programmers } from 'Female'; [/code]

Is it true that I can gain more respect if I am a backend developer instead of a frontend developer?

People usually see backend developers like superstars

Hmn, this is usually like the trend we get these days.

And I am seeing front end devs like super stars

Why does the average Nigerian think that a programmer is a PC Repair Man?

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Me, na chief of the yahoo i be then, because day and night omo boy dey for system.

That's their summary of  it.

Throughout my HND I had no real friend at my hostel. Just normal hello-hi relationship.. I do, go to school -listen to lecture, code when chanced, come home - stay indoors-code, watch movies.

They see me more on the PC. Magic is, I get to look into any hardware issue of my hostel mates. Funniest one nano sim holder no fitting - I just pulled a spare, insert the nano sim and shut my door.

When I come out for fresh air, I hear, we don't even know what he's doing on the system. Just sit on that chair all day. I stopped explaining and now tell them, we make Facebook, twitter, konga, jumia etc possible.

And they will be like how? I just change the topic coz its like teaching a new born what a phone is - too complicated, he does not even know what to communicate. Some even believe site owners make money through MB used on the site... What I do now, take their items, keep it in custody, do yeye look into. And tell them it's beyond my power, needs to see a real engineer. Lobatan!!! Case closed Still, it is frustrating!!!

Me sef don tire ooo... The Yahoo yahoo tag is really annoying... If police find yahoo boiz come my side sef Dem go point me
Good day bosses...
I need advice I was told Ubuntu isn't too cool so I need ur advice which other OS do u tink will be good... Mint, Debian, or Linux
Which 1 should I use tanks

Clarifying you a bit. Mint, Debian... Are Linux flavors, same Linux installation you get, just very minor differences like folder structure, choice of desktop application, etc...

They are Linux. So now, we have just 3 main OSs to deal with. Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. Linux and Macintosh are Unix based OS, ypou get nearly same feature in both. What differs is the difference in Android devices of same Android versions, same OS(Android) different design and implemented features.

But, Macintosh got more for you, less configuration and more features than Linux. Back to the topic. From what is on the ground and what does work too IMHO, if the cash is there, get a Macintosh and insure it - imagining efforts to restore another if stollen, as Naija be. If MAC is no go area, there are two options. If you are ready to learn you can get to move with Linux quickly.

You will have to learn a lot, the tactic unlearn and relearn is useful here, as you will have to uninstall some Windows thinking in your brains memory for new Unix way of doing things you are to learn.

And you must love command line to use both of them, that of Mac is minimal to Linux. Lastly, if all the above is no go, use the most installed OS. You get lots of tools and apps and you are already familiar with it based on previous usage. It all depends on what you want, and how much (time and resources) you can afford.

Tanks boss, very clear

Hola everyone, I need a good engine for creating a forum.

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if u tink custom coding will be hard i will suggest u use Mybb or SMF

SMF things be that o

Vanilla and PHPBB have improved greatly.

Equally true,I noticed that too

Glad to be back. @Dhtml, welldone from the entire Bestnaija team. Keep the fire burning.


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That is very good, I appreciate that, we can all assist each other to move forward. 

Bestnaija... My mentor 3yrs ago when I wanted to startup a forum... Good to see you here

Glad to see you sir! So, did you have a change of plan?

That Is ThE Right Question
Hello everyone, me i be JJC for here

Anyways i intend to develop a site for selling mp3, thats why av come to meet my ogas for advice
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Hmmm... Where's your target audience? If Nigeria, you'll require over 1000% energy, time and creativity to pull through or make revenue IMO... Over 90% Nigerians don't buy music, we like to download them for FREE. :-D If you target oversees, prepare move abroad and beat the big guns
But but some people do sell it in Nigeria, but they are not much sha
my target is here in nigeria i intend to sell yoruba music only

That makes a whole lot of sense.

Evening to all bosses here... I just remembered that there is something call library in programming terms, so I want to know the difference between library and framework
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Late here

do you know the difference of using creact-react-app and including the react librqry script directly in your html? With the react library, you don't need any magic, it just exposes API for you and allow you to create cool stuff right away and see the result, with create-react-app you do things in a certain way with magic to happen.

React is basically a library for manipulating DOM elements like jQuery, create-react-app abstracts all these allows you to use modules and import other cool libraries which is not possible with just the react library.

Going another level from JS let's use PHP Lots of frameworks but I will choose Laravel. Laravel is a framework agreed, but how why, it easily abstracts lots of things you will natively do painfully with PHP.

Take the routing of requests it is done in a certain way to make sure that certain part of your application code is run when a path is viewed, and for your information most of Laravel internals depends on one Symphony package(Package/library, interchangeable) or another. Simply put library is a set of function, classes, interfaces that does one thing.

Framework is a collection of stuffs to aid development of applications/programs. Some languages have popular libraries, and frameworks. Node has express library for http server, but Hapi, feathers as framework for web applications/APIs. I hope I am clear enough.

there is no late comer here, all these stuffs will come in useful for someone later on.

And no FTC either bandage

hian, ftc things


What language should a real full stack web developer know ???

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Pls Some 1 Should Enlighten Meee oo What the difference between Web development and Web designing 

To design - UI/UX things, look and feel e.t.c
To develop - programming somethings

This is why I refer to myself as a web developer (or web application developer) and not a web designer (am not a web designer).

This is cool I grab that

There are many ways of defining designers and developers. that is just one of them.


Why do Senior Programmers Use Multi Screen for coding ?

I dont use one, but I use 2 PCs to work. . . .

Why can't u use 1
What the advantages

It is faster for me, you may want to work on multiple things. And dont wish to be closing your display anyhow.