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IF programming Logic Gone Wrong

Hey guys, what do you make of this programming?

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  1. Make a Polling Unit Machine (PUM Kiosk), that can issue and accept PVC and it’s not dependent on a particular Polling Units so you can vote from any Machine nearest to you.
  2. Slot in your PVC; accredit yourself by scanning your thumb or some sort of PIN, like the last 4 digits of the PVC-VIN.
  3. The PU

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Biometrics in Banking

Biometric authentication is no longer a new concept. People have grown accustomed to facial recognition unlocking their mobile devices and fingerprint scanners facilitating their purchases. While the term conjures up measurements related to physical human characteristics, biometrics also include beh

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ATM Acceptability and Usage

The ATM industry enjoyed an exciting year in 2017, with many changes, innovations and product launches. The ATM industry also celebrated 50 years since the very first ATM was introduced at a Barclays branch in Enfield, north London.

Perhaps more significantly, the channel continued to play a vital r

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Why you should learn docker as a Developer in Nigeria

We Nigerian programmers are often all about shared hosting, cpanel, php and are ignorant of the trending tool sets used to build truly scale-able apps across the world. Some of these tools include Redis, PAAS services, IAAS services, kubernetes, and of course; docker.

In a series of articles includi

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Why Serial Web Developer or Designers Should Try CyberPanel

Yes! You should try CyberPanel, and alternative cPanel, it provides within box tools needed to manage a webhost server. There is Enterprise Edition and Opensource which is what you will want to have.

I have being considering it a bad idea at this age of Web Technology to think that Cheap shared host

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My Experience With Working on cPanel Hosting

cPanel! cPanle!! cPanel!!! Na 3 whole times I call thy name. The Almighty and Invincible cPanel, created by the gods of programming for mere mortals. I have to salute cPanel like that because you see, many people have made cPanel their GOD so to speak. They have come to believe that when you talk of

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What are the opportunities in Waves Block-chain?

I can see that we have a professional in the house here. Please enlighten us on "why waves block-chain", what makes it unique?

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Africoders Upgrade & Login Issues

Good day everyone, Africoders is extremely close to launching, that is why a lot of last minute changes are going on here and there. If you have an account already and you are unable to login to the forum, please try clear your cache and do so again (or use a new browser). This is due to change in

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Help!! My cPanel is misbehaving, I get this perl warnings all the time

Whenever I try to use ssh on my cPanel, here is what I normally see:

    perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
    perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:
        LANGUAGE = (unset),
        LC_ALL = (unset),
        LANG = "en_US.UTF-8"
    are supported and installed on your system.

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Africoders to the world, what can you say about the new design

[{"insert":"The new design and pattern is so gorgeous, starting from the design it so lite and super fast,\nauto draft function also brew me up. \nWhat do you like about this new design?"},{"insert":{"emoji":{"emojiChar":"\ud83d\ude2f"}}},{"insert":"\n"},{"insert":{"embed-external":{"data":{"mediaID

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Finding Faster WordPress Hosting for Better Performnacee

Slow WordPress is the issue people are facing around the world, for this I will suggest people find the fastest hosting for wordpress that offers high availability and server response.

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WordPress Staging Environment

If you are an agency or an individual developer, a WordPress staging environment is a great way to accelerate the development workflow and to deliver mockups to your clients before the deadlines.

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Ensodev startup dairy, my journey as a enterprenue in the tech world

i will be sharing my journey to my 5 startup companies , i will share my mistakes, my joy, how am raising funds why am starting those companies, my daily activities on the companies will be shared here. pls stay tuned.

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Nairaland seems block some keywords and africoders is among

i tried to post something about africoder now, but i discover each time i view my post africoder is changing to nairaland, funny though, i see no need for such.

have not tried the likes of keywords like facebook or other but i know quite well seun will not be blocking those

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Getting Started with Waves Blockchain - Easy!

We would get started with Waves explanation in general. Waves is developing tools for building the decentralized technology layer that will become the backbone of Web3.0 - our future digital landscape. Web3 will see progressive decentralization of critical online infrastructure, making extensive us

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Two separate databases

My developer uses Sql Server for my two projects , the two software were working fine suddenly i can not login into the other again. initial the one is uses username and password while other maintain the same username and password the second project in the same SQL management. any time i want to l

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Things you can do in programming world without coding that can bring you good and great return

i will be sharing on this trend things you can do in programming / software engineering environment that can give you lots of return and some time give you reputation that most programmers dont earn esily.

this trend is going to be a long trend so sit back and relax as i will be giving daily update

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error: cannot find symbol variable edt

Who has idea of how to solve this error, it happen while i want to compile the Activity and run on mobile

error: cannot find symbol variable edt

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Php Into Andriod Programming

As a beginner in the Android developer world, I want to understand the relationship between Android and PHP or any backend language

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I heard some guys having argument about the best php frame work. So i decided to …

I heard some guys having argument about the best php frame work.

So i decided to bring the discussion down to africoder. "Which PHP framework do you think his the best your reasons"


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Tutorial: How To Embed Adsense For Live Streaming on Youtube

The first step is to get your youtube channel verified.

After this, you should be able to connect your cam e.t.c and do live streaming.

However, in order to embed the live streaming to a website, you need to visit here : You must have a verified adsense linked to yo

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Nice work u have done here boss. From the uI to the behavior and structure is well designed.

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Reasons i might no seek a programming job

  1. i dont want to be limited to a particular learning curve

  2. I cant limit my responsibilites to the world as a programmer, i am a problem solver and solving just on problem or lots of problem just in one place seems not to be my thing, cos others there can do the same why cant i spread my feathers.

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I wish to learn website development from the scratch

[{"insert":"Can anyone tell me how to learn website development from the scratch, I dont know how to write HTML5 and PHP. Who can recommend materials that I can use to really learn these things properly?\n"}]

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This will eventually be the first online haven for African coders, where we can …

This will eventually be the first online haven for African coders, where we can all share our thoughts and works. And we will all contribute to make this happen..

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Auctionlance Platform - Hire and pay freelancers with crypto

Auctionlance is a P2P freelance marketplace where clients connects and pay freelancers with crypto. Proudly built on Waves blockchain.

More details coming soon.

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What are some marketing tips for selling online websites

What are some marketing tips for selling online websites developed by enterpreneurs/self employed freelancers. Anyone involved in this of work please share.

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Africoders First Competition

This is a recap mind you this post was made at Nov 10, 2018 on Nairaland before the second ban on africoders:

Winners goes home with N 30,000, second goes home with 20k, third goes home with 5k.

If you wish to sponsor, please indicate your interest and how much you wish to contribute. If we get spon

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How can I compare or check if all array values are the same in PHP?

How can I compare or check if all array values are the same in PHP?

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