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I just released VS Code Tweet - A Twitter client one click away at VS CODE sidebar⚡. Code, Tweet, and loop. 😂🤣
No more switching of windows while coding and trying to tweet, do it inside VS CODE🔥.
Get from VS Code market place

Full walkthrough on how to setup
Full walkthrough on how to setup
Git Hub Repo

I commend you for this; but seriously, why would a coder whose full attention is needed to develop or repair a software; be tweeting at the same time? Perhaps, you might say for faster communication. But who uses twitter for realtime communication in a team when there is #slack . .  You might want to rethink this. if you wanna put out a software; make sure it solves a problem. You could do something like grabbing all my codes from vscode into eclipse or atom (without a need to switch editors) and vice versa . . .OR a cloud save for all my codes in a given editor; so i can login from another pc and continue where i stopped exactly.


New game : Ziggy Hover

Have fun hovering on ziggy platforms and don't fall, aww it's way high up here. Collect Diamonds to have scores and compete amongst your friends to beat your high scores. Download Now on Playstore.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.verge.ziggyHover iOS release is scheduled for next week.

Are u the one that developed it ?

very good question

Let's have fun!

Given one or more paragraphs, and your job is to create an clean excerpt, subject to a maximum of 45 characters, including spaces. Then append an ellipsis (...) for the excerpt to make sense to the user.

For example, consider the following (please ignore the quote in this case):

"A set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and predicate, conveying a statement, question, exclamation, or command, and consisting of a main clause and sometimes one or more subordinate clauses."

An excerpt of 45 characters, including spaces:

"A set of words that is complete in itself, ty..."

The excerpt is good but we want the last word to be at least 3 characters long. That is, "typ" instead of "ty". It can be more than 3 characters though.

So, if that condition is not true, then we want to remove the last word ("ty") from the excerpt. In this case, we should have the following as excerpt:

"A set of words that is complete in itself,...".

As a bonus, you can also remove the comma, in this case to make thing even cleaner. Make sure your excerpt doesn't end with a comma before appending the ellipsis.

"A set of words that is complete in itself..."

How would you implement the above in your language. Sorry if the explanation is not clear. It's just for fun!

I will first go and smoke IGBO to clear my head.

It's just for fun. You should be the one to start!
You can also show us your solution in multiple languages, if you don't mind.

function cr8_excerpt($gabbage_in){
    $gabbage_out = substr(  rtrim( strip_tags($gabbage_in) , ',.;:') ), 0, 45);
    //TODO: start an explosion
    return $gabbage_out. "...";

I think your code creates only the substring with the ellipsis. But what about the conditions?
def spliter(first, nth):
for start in range(0, len(first), nth):
yield first[start:start+nth]

sen = "A set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing
a subject and predicate, conveying a statement, question, exclamation,
or command, and consisting of a main clause and sometimes one or more
subordinate clauses."

for spliters in spliter(sen, 45):
last_word = spliters.split()
a = str(last_word[-1])
if len(a) < 3:
print ' '.join(spliters.split(' ')[:-1]) + '...'
print spliters + '...'
Who has union bank dormiciliary account with Visa card , drop your line .
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I have send me DM
@dhmtl, please what's the package I'm interested :)

You throw them a "cyclic redundancy error" which will keep them in check a bit.

Here it goes, kindly recommend a good web hosting company for a little wordpress site 

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trudigits has a very terrible support, last time i checked  and i only use namecheap for domain and private emails registrations

i guess i will have to do the same 

I use namecheap for hosting as well, they dont give me problems and their customer support is superb.

Namecheap all the way, I really don't like bluehost because of their unnecessary add-ons when you wanna purchase va hosting package.

can flutter take over from java and Kotlin?

I dont think their is a competition as such mind you. Especially between java and flutter.

Flutter isn't "taking" over per se.. but, I've seen native mobile devs switch to Flutter (myself included) because of its awesomeness and speed of development. Flutter is the future, but it's not necessarily taking over

Exactly, that is the right word to use here. Flutter cannot replace JAVA or KOTLIN. But mobile developers can chose what to use for their work.

The word fidelity is a scam from developers. Java is becoming old wife.

multi language combination, 

howould u react if u see a novice learning PHP and JAVA all together 

It's like learning French and Spanish at the same time. Well some people have shown strong affinity to multi-task, not concurrently though, so to speak.

But you won't be a professional that way. It is best to learn one particular language first till the very end of it; even if it takes you 10 years.

Learning other languages will be a breeze; because you are not learning the logic and functions all over again . . . you are basically learning the new "syntax"

blowKissWelcome me on board

I just feel like flexing around
My keyboard emoji is still not showing **crying**
who is this boy self 
Any body here with working Nnu script, I mean with all the functions working perfectly.. I tink it a WordPress base stuff so if you have the theme or willing to develop it at cheat rate comment below.

I am not sure it is wordpress mind you --- dont ask me how I know sha.

it is custom built

Still trying yto figure out how that thing works, been too lazy to investigate deeply

how did this post came u again