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Real-Time Discussions

Some bugs are so weird
Any body here with working Nnu script, I mean with all the functions working perfectly.. I tink it a WordPress base stuff so if you have the theme or willing to develop it at cheat rate comment below.

I am not sure it is wordpress mind you --- dont ask me how I know sha.

it is custom built

Still trying yto figure out how that thing works, been too lazy to investigate deeply

Why are there less inventors and more users in the programming industry?

Some relax and wait to use this or that CMS or framework and smile. They know nothing about the code development or structure. The day they witness a little bug, they're long dead before their dying day because they don't know where the code block to debug is or where to even start debugging from.

Coding culture is dying everyday. Look around and see many website adverts in our streets. 10,000 for a website. They just install scripts and change this or that CSS and there is a website. Ask them to make A behave like B or C like A and they will tell you that's not possible. The theme will not permit that. That becomes an issue between their client and they.

Post a little snippet for debugging and 98% of the acclaimed PROGRAMMERS will have slow Internet connection or become busy at the background waiting for the likes of @dhtml to come and proffer solutions. Aren't we just doing ourselves much harm?

I remember in Nairaland around the 2005/2006, we were all codes because we wanted something better. The challenges we faced made us learn better and we improved more. This trend suddenly died because we wanted things easier and with less stress. Writing codes became only for the sufferers. If they don't fix these bugs then the bugs become super heroes. Can't we become any better?

Here is Africoders.com. Are we going to use here to become African Coders or are we just going to continue being script installers?


***********don't come and insult me in the comments because I won't see it anytime soon unless you write it in codes tonguewink***********

hmmmm...This is just the honest truth, as you can see it is also the new world we now live in.

concept of the world we are in now, patch out the programming/Tech industry. Everyone his looking for easy and comfort way to solve problems.
And it also applies in tech industry were it mostly common

Yeah, but good programmers are part of the ones making these things happen.

Can Node.js take over from php ?
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Hmn, it should have died since but it is always resurrecting. What is your own technology stack? pythonistar?

Yes I am pythonistar but I still consider my self as a beginner though I can do much with it boss

You are most welcome, I hope the community will benefit through you!

Nigeria will be great again just prepare to vote me in the upper coming election
Am new here, Good to be here

You are welcome, nice having you here.

Thanks boss, You are a blessing

You are most welcome.

Any python Programmer here?

Yeap, i see them in the forum sometimes trolling about.

Have u done any project with python
This would be our stackoverflow

Hian, I hope so o.


How many year will it take to create a betting site like bet9ja 

Best answer I can give you is that it depends on how you work?

1. If it is 1 single person doing the whole development work, then you will consider a lot of things, how experienced is the person, how busy is the person, how skilled is the person?

2. If it is a team, the same question of how skilled the team is e.t..c will come into play.

3. If it is an efficient development team, I will say 4-8 weeks on the average.

Only a programmer would search for "how to switch on flashlight"

Especially the android devs
Abeg who go fit the help me with issues wey I dey get for OOP PHP?

You need to report the issues so that we can deal with it.