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Real-Time Discussions

It's a Saturday morning right? So... Why don't codes have a resting day even the days their PCs crash, they still mentally work? Don't codes want a life? :-P
As long as you want to succeed, Codes won't rest.
That is the way it is.
Hi guys, Dealwap is here. I'm glad to be a part of this wonderful development. Kudos to @dhtml nice one bro.
Welcome my friends, I am glad to be seeing my boys here o.
Hi people, the new upgrades are getting really really ready to come out. I am going to improve things a bit, all of your reviews are being taken into account - smileys, emotions e.t.c even the mobile users.
Nice.... We waiting..
Hehehehe, thanks
We de wait oh hehe :)
Hello..What sup Africoders..
Hi @youngscholar,
Welcome to the family
Welcome friend
Please increase the character length before See More
working. . . . .
fixed in the midnight when boys don sleep
hahah.. thats what it takes to be the one and only dhtml. wedon sa
Thank you o, this one na small thing
Hi everyone!
My trolling friend, how you dey?
Me? Lol if me then I'm very fine. Hope you're good?
Is alright, weldone, I am still battling with codes here o
I am battling to complete a native Android chat app here. using NODE https://socket.io with a socket client to implement it.
I was able to kill it off eventually using socket.io, now for the IOS version.
Now testing out react
Hi mister @dhtml
Hi Adanma, how you dey?
Oga @DHTML my finger don dey pain me oh, It's getting tired of clicking see more and see less for every post. Abeg lets increase the characters number for a post nah, I click see more for every post. My finger go fall oh...Bikonu
Is okay, i will talk to the something
Thanks everyone for the attention, but where do I start?
Because I'm ready , I don't have a PC yet though.
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Good bro learn html first and download Quoda or droidEdit from playstore
Also download html code play, it works offline and has both code and design view
Have anyone told you about any playstore app called solo learn?
Ehen, those boys don waka come.
I think I can Finally have somewhere to rest
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It is my own resting ground as well
Welcome on board @goodmuyis
Restful API :)
What of restless API?