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Real-Time Discussions

Can delete comment appear in a modal window than on a separate page with just confirm box?
Does someone have duplicate ID? =D
Nope, this is what happens when you signin with 2 different accounts. Different facebook accounts.
hehe, this is getting suspicious oo. Two facebook accounts, hope that first one is not a carbon copy? We need to verify......
No There will be exception in it s code not to wipe out humanity
Hian, see these ones o.
Finally I'm here..... I hope to learn a lot from my Ogas at the top
You are welcome, we dey for hia
Sure they gallantly waiting for you
Who thinks AI will someday wipe humanity. Lol
Err, this is highly controversial but it is possible truly.
We made them, and we might find someone so foolish that will teach them to make themselves. End of humanity
The last man standing will reverse the code block and they will be destroyed and a new life will be had... Just like a movie script:-P
I dnt think they can. Humans kill humans even though we have the original intelligence. We can definately win the war if it ever breaks out.
I agree, but the last man standing won't be able to create human. He needs a partner. Modify your screept please! We don't want to go into extinction....
I am looking at the polls, it looks as if we have no codeigniter and yii developer here.
I was, but I left for laravel
And who is here this morning! It's weekend already. We need to catch fun at least. Not everyday should be for coding nah!!!
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@codehouse I did not even know it exists. Let me quickly check
@codehouse It's a nice initiative, and is promising. Anyone trying to contest should have a solution that cut across the continent in order to have a good result.
Yea, I agree participants need to think it through. @dhtml brainstorm on some of those wicked solutions and make us proud...we await your submission for the contest. If I finish my ongoing project, I get one small utility app I wan showcase
Submission? You mean @dhtml should come up with something to submit?
Shame on you guys who are trying to test your fake hacking skills on site that is yet to be fully propagated. If you think you can hack, let me give a bone to crack.

Una download pdf come install linux, buy glo 50mb dey form hacker abi..abeg make una just chill o
Oga @codehouse but they are testing their skills now? Won't you let them know how competent they are?
@limistah no mind dem but really there are sites available online to test their skills like Hack This Site, etc and they are there for you to hack legally. One thing they ought to know is that hackers are like outlaws no be person wey be sey if dem catch and prosecute am, mama and papa go dey cry.
And there you have a point too
@dhtml So... as I click the link posted by @CodeHouse the thing open https://africoders.com/www.hackthissite.org without resolving it to the target URL. Na bug abi na your plan to keep coding :-P
Not really a bug as such, but can be solved. If you build a normal website and you make a url without starting from http, this happens. But I can create an exception for it all the same to make it redirect when such happens.
Shout-out to all Africoders (both old and new), it will be good to have all of you back on board.
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Aiit we can always talk on my whatsapp for some privacy...I always want to poke in here as I go about personal projects
You are welcome, right now, we dey for building phase.
@dhtml Where's my comment like button? :(

Even my smiley never show

And paragraph is still giving 3
tags and occupying more spaces.
#bug_alert I should say
What is on your mind kwa? Oga @dhtml, this one nah facebook ni?
Hahahaha, not at all o, this is just me trollin'
I want to be a computer programmer, I hope I'd meet people to guide and train me here. Thanks.
You should, there are programmers trollin' everywhere here o.
Sure you will. We all are ready to help with the little that we have.
O yeah, you can say that again!
We are ready when you are
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What are you guys feeling. I'm not there Ooooh. 14years Hmmm. Lemme quickly run out of here
Hian, you have been sighted, there is no running away from this one. Where is Lalastica with the magic BAN button.
Kikiki I've stolen the wand. If this your handle is not careful, I will wand it
Hian, how you take see am? where you take see am?