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Real-Time Discussions

new theme, nice...
Thanks, we are constantly moving forward, always new work to be done.
I get This error when I tried to add a smiley from my iPhone using chrome
The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
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okay thats cool... the refresh stuff will be cool... me too tire to de refresh my browser lol...
I apologize to you and your browser for giving yourselves so much work!
Hehe... no problem
How things for your end? Those your smileys, hmn
@goldenboi 530 members as at 11pm yesterday if my auto mem script works
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Hello comerades! @dhtml, I usually write my own SSL script, the one on this site is secure but I think I have a better alternative
My brother, if you have a better padlock, just give jare. This one na from Alaba International Market, fairly use I buy am.
Ok no p, I will do that for you as soon as I complete an ongoing project.
Is okay, thanks in advance.
My mentor, morning sir
Good morning bro!
Good morning to you all. I have questions as a beginner and I will love it if answered. Dhtml, sir did you use php to code this web app? What and what did you use to code the frontend? Like frameworks... If i want to build cbt web app, is php good enough for it ? Or what about node js. I love this site africoders, e dey make my head to swell. Help a brother. Thanks
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yes oh i noticed it when i was working with drupal... its so confusing...lol.. i just leave am for the main time.. i never get em time now :)
One day I will start a drupal tutorial to make you guys see how simple it is to use, by yourself e go hard gan.
Oh that would be cool... hope that day won't Ben next year ;)
I doubt that
Dhtml i sent you a whatsapp message, kindly check, by the way good development here but lots of work to be done
I will do that, thanks for coming on board. It is good to have you guys around here. I appreciate all of you for your great contributions, we will make an excellent community yet.
It is time to make this stuff real-time, I have a script on my old site just for this. I need to dust it up and reactivate it. Since the theme seems relatively stable for now.
Meanwhile, you guys should invite your friends over. I dont really have time for a real campaign yet, I still have a lot of codes to write here to stabilize things on this home page, then look for the next feature to add, maybe the code-pen something.
thanks bro
Can i ask hw many africoders we have now?
hehe... i think there should be a stats info about that somewhere in the site.. if @dhtml will like to add it though :)
Around 500 so far. I know some might be bots, others might be incomplete registration, but I have not done a proper plugin to check that one. There are many things requiring attention right now. I just finished battling the evil OperaMini and Uc Mini Browsers.
Energy == love. Let me go and freelance a bit, I am trying to complete some android, ios and web projects. Later on, when I am sure of the skillset of guys on this platform, I will start outsourcing to you guys.
hmmmm nice one...
My DP is not showing up
Mehn, hope it is not my spam bot that swallowed it sha? There has been cases of missing picture - that one dey for Africoders Headquarters, we never reach the root.
Please let me have some info. When did you upload the picture? Because I put padlock on this site was when the last case was reported. Please try upload a new picture and lets see if it vanishes again.
I am about making changes to the theme to improve support for ucmini and opera-mini. Desktop users should not notice any change at least for now.
I just uploaded one some minutes ago now and its still not showing.
Santa maria, this is a serious matter o that warrant investigation, and I might have to make a few arrests too. Let me open the database to find out the moderator messing with your picture.
You can err upload a new picture again, there was truly a bug, but it is now DEAD like OLD ROGER!
I am loving this new ui... @dhtml i have whatsapp emoticon pack, are u interested? Its free ooo
Hian, you guys with your emoticon somethings. Is okay, guess I will have to do this emoticon something sha. I am still working on the UI small, trying to make a mobile compatibility stuff for stubborn browsers especially uc mini browser, and opera mini.
I hate that opera mini ehn...
Me sef, I dont even use opera mini not to talk of uc browser, I only have them installed because I am a developer. Once I have cleared up this theme issue (until a more future update), I will be able to focus more on the timeline.

I had to handcode this theme, I actually developed it earlier around January last year, see how much time has passed before I decided to integrate it with the site. But I also have to theme all the various interfaces which are much, I just did the ones I can do.
I generally dont like working on UI stuffs as such, but at least I can still make something presentable, and readable, later on our UI experts that wish to help will be able to help out to improve things. All this is just to enable us move away from alpha-testing mode.