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Real-Time Discussions

This one na bug o, I must have drank Alomo when I was coding that share something, it is not supposed to allow anonymous to push contents to the home page now? Hian?
Just imagine the concobility of a script, I will have to discipline that script for this act of gross disobedience. I told it to allow only a logged in person to post, it is doing another thing.
This bug has been finally arrested and detained. But if you are able to replicate it, I will award you with 50,0000



cowry shells
Some have mistaken the purpose of this as an alternative to other non Nigerian tech sites and a board on a Nigerian site. The scope is different, for Nigeria, there is no where as of now that I can find this kinds of initiative a full blown tech social site without deviation or parabolic movement to other things. Second for the international sites, I can't express myself as I would here. Imagine going to SO and saying 'This bug don kill me oo, Abeg my cache is not clearing'. Well that's my perspectives I'm viewing this platform from.
And yes to this kinda question you will get answers easily, what of those tricky ones? What of a logic error, what of insufficient configuration. As I've said my view
Hmn, it appears you quite understand what is going on here. And that is why I will rather share some foolish questions here compared to stackoverflow.
Make una guys no kill DHTML with features and suggestions oo. Well my own be say I want to share to other Nigerian Sites. At least popular one without copying and pasting. I mean tech sites and ones with tech boards. At least
Feature suggestions are very good, it means only one thing - that people are loving the platform, and yes, we shall give them what they want - they are entitled to it now?
@dhtml I saw you talk about this front page would be real time like facebook. I want to mention, you only see feeds of those you are friends with, on facebook that is, would this be overwhelming if I am to see content by everyone here?
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Great. More grease to Ya keyboard.
And please give us the like button. Boys don dey para
Nice interface. The color is perfect as well, not harsh to the eyes
Dont worry, the like button will come too. I dont want a RIOT here.
To those viewing Africoders on mobile browser, I apologize for all the issues, I shall soon solve that. It was important for me to complete the desktop compatibility first.
I shall now address the mobile concerns to speed things up there too. I appreciate you all.
The mobile view is a lot better now
Hehehehe, I appreciate that, its been an interesting battle.
#suggestion How about adding a web based code playground for HTML, CSS, JS and if possible PHP, e.t.c to the Explore Features, Won't That Be Nice.

2. How about adding an infinite loader feature to the real time discussion on the homepage and on statuses for browsers that support it and classic paginations for those that don't. just like FB does.

3. how about adding vote up and vote down features to comments and status in real time discussion section instead of 'like'. 'like' looks more social but 'vote up & down' more geekish and its widely accepted by programmer's community e.g stackoverflow
Yeap, that will happen eventually. I was earlier on against the IDEA of this section and just wanted to list out forum and blog posts, but later changed my mind and decided to experiment with this.
But I can see that you guys love it, so I will complete the ajax functionality to make it real time like I did on the last version - though that one was not as functional as this version.
But please explain what you meant by playground for HTML, CSS and Co.
hehe.. like creating a mini http://codepen.io for this platform. 'good artist copy but great artist steal'. pacifico
Oh i see, that is a good suggestion - i have noted that.
its a good view; dhtml we'll get used to it.. just keep up the hard work
Thanks for that, we are getting there small small.
This is a good platform which one will contribute lots of ideas
You are welcome @obioha921
Hi everyone, I wish to apologize for the down-times, the pulling down, rebuilding, killed profile pictures, those that got harrashed by the automated spam bot (e.g. you were trying to post comment and your post kept vanishing), those that were banned by the same spam bot, those who failed to get their registration mails earlier before that was solved.
I want you guys to realize that this new build of Africoders was restarted from the scratch with the assistance of drupal about 1 week 6 days ago. So this new platform is just about 2 weeks old - so we are still in pre-alpha stage as far as I am concerned.

What this means is that, you are still going to be seeing lots of changes here and there. And will also find bugs too - which when reported will be looked at.

Most importantly, I appreciate all the support I have been getting.
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You guys want to turn this namespace into facebook ni? but as the number of requests for LIKES is increasing, I will be have to agree. At least it does not tamper with contents unlike smileys that can mess up our codes.
Hehe.. it will be nice
How About Adding A Vote Up And Vote Down System Like Stack Overflow...
Yeap, that is an excellent idea and I am already working on this for the forums