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Real-Time Discussions

how will I report to lalasticlala
very funny
I think bugs should be shared here on the homepage as lalasticlala has done to some he reported earlier. dhtml will attend to it.
This la-la is not for snakes. This is for them bugs, so if you see any do not hesitate to report.
We are watching
Thanks for that, we are killing the bugs one after the other, I appreciate all of you guys for reporting.
How to track user activity usage time on Android App development has been posted on android forum section.
That is very good, we have an upcoming feature that will allow you to share your post directly on this home page.
k, ave already reupload new one.
very good, keep up the good work
Happy Sunday people!
Aren't we going to have notifications? We need hash tags too
You people want to do twitter here ni? There is hash tags but I forget how it works now.
Haha. Just trolling ni
Troll? trolls are meant to be banned, why are you still lose? where is lala?
Here, who is that causing trouble. But eh, my magic wand is not working?
Tips and tricks on how to implement recyclerview in Android.
Visit Mobile Development forum to learn more.
This is africoders, I felt this should be specifically for programming languages, am I wrong?
You are right, that is what is about - check the err about us page, it says so http://africoders.com/about
What were you expecting? A place that is full of only codes and no fun eh?

You can troll over to http://africoders.com/forum
Well, I can see some features transmogrifying. Somebody is playing in the background, eh
In fact, I've been monitoring things too. Features are coming in like rush hour
Yeah, the review list is very long, this is rush hour part 4 to patch things up before the e-trolls come and dabaru everything!
By real trolls you mean demands boys???
Sure, real trolls that will make you scream
Is It Lala Iyam Seeing,,@dhtml18 I Think We Would Need That Script U Wrote For Kidnapping D Moon Dat Time,Just Incase Some Snakes Break Lose On Dis Ship,, So It Would Be Easier To SNAKENAP Dem
am just catching my fun no
Testing the church microphone, testing 1,2. . .coughs. . . .curtain falls
Have you finished coughing and testing the mics?
Yes of course, since!!
testing the mike
How are you doing?
Where is the speaker???
right here please
Watching the space. Lol