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What are some marketing tips for selling online websites developed by enterpreneurs/self employed freelancers. Anyone involved in this of work please share.


On of my greatest challenge is pricing.

if someone ask you how much you will charge to develop a site like:

https://refer.ng (this is nairaland clone)


https://wakanda.ng (this looks like an online forum script somewhere... who knows the script name ? )

how much will you charge ?

250k is okay but nairaland clone script is everywhere.

Any python Programmer here?

Yeap, i see them in the forum sometimes trolling about.

Have u done any project with python
I've been learning python on and off for awhile now, wouldn't call myself a python programmer (or programmer) for that matter. I saw a headline to an article that I didn't click on the other day which said something like "How to not get stuck in tutorial hell" or something like that. I think I'm in that tutorial hell.

How to creat a Slider Please with HTML And css only ?


without javaScript?


something like this - http://wowslider.com/bootstrap-carousel-example-shift-demo.html ?

or even this - https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/carousel/

call me if you have project related to





08131871049... Let build awesome stuff together.

Hello, i'm interested. can you email me at moubymoud@gmail.com ? 

let's build something great. 

This should be useful to someone, someday. That is an inbuilt calculator inside of Chrome's address bar.

I Like, do use it like

 20% of 0.00818

Great Minds, Always Curious.

I am just discovering random stuff, and they are totally strange to me.
CTRL + Enter posts/tweets on Facebook/Twitter. In my current project, I implemented it, and the users complained that it was confusing. Now I have learned that it is best to incorporate both of clicking to post and having a shortcut.

For Nairaland Addict who hate those spam banners, addthis to your Adblocker Rule


If you don't want to see all those Twitter Instagram reactions screenshot addthis


You can add other patterns/rules

If Seun hold your account in particular enh... This one that you are releasing trade-secret so

Who is up for the WEMA BANK HACKATHON????

Good A.m here. Pls I need an honest advice based on your experience. I am a JS dev coming from the express world, MERN and MEVN stack, but recently delve into php... Pls which is PHP framework is unopinionated (that doesnt force principles on peson). I have tried CI, but dont like it... I need  framewok like express. Thanks

laravel is what i feel you should check

Thanks Boss.

Follow the Laravel track, you can never miss on an industry accepted standard

hello guys i am new here add me

Welcome buddy. What is yout tech stack?