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If a programming language is also written in a programming language, how was the first programming language written?

This is more of understanding the need for abstraction.

Take your screen as an example, it has values stored in the visual memory - a special memory for the screen - where the values for each pixel is stored. These values determine the color to render at any point on the screen. So to modify this value for the first 100 rows and first 50 columns to provide a sim0le rectangle shape, we have to know the values of the memory addresses for those specific pixels, a very daunting task, to address this make life easy, Assembly was developed. With it, you talk to the specific memory slot you want. Manage these memories yourself and keep track of their values.
We are not superhumans, we are simply human and love creating our own environment, so smart people came up with some abstractions on top of Assembly and machine codes, these are the first set of low level languages you know, Ada, C etc. They still create some hard time, making us talk with the hardware directly, managing memories and sort, we need more flexibilities, higher level languages came on top of low level languages, here we have languages that requires a low level language to run C++ is an example here. We still won't settle for less the high level languages won't satisfy our human syntax, we moved to Higher Level Languages, guess what you have here, relies directly on high level languages, JavaScript, python etc are here.

What I will like you to understand is, previous solutions stand as shoulders for us to see the future. We don't care how the shoulder functions, as far as it is not broken, we have to build on top of the shoulders till we reach another height not achieved by our predecessors.

Programming languages will keep evolving, simpler syntaxes more flexibilities, more functionalities.
New game : Ziggy Hover

Have fun hovering on ziggy platforms and don't fall, aww it's way high up here. Collect Diamonds to have scores and compete amongst your friends to beat your high scores. Download Now on Playstore.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.verge.ziggyHover iOS release is scheduled for next week.

Are u the one that developed it ?

very good question

Facebook API calls limit reached, how can I fix this issue? I ran a code on my server and it's making that happen.
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That is very weird, which APIs in particular?

Open graph API

So I am thinking of making all my projects API-centric. And Lumen by Laravel is my tool of choice.

Any takers? How do I start my own mini-blog on here?

Mini blog Asin how?

Oh, you want to do mini-blogging on Africoders. Hmn that will be an item for the next update.  However, for now, you can go to the blog section and drop your stuff, all things shall get upgraded with time.

Never mind... Started a blog here...

very good, carry on

JS frontend guys, checkout all in one cheatsheet.

Where are the ecma people

Someone should tell me if am going to regret moving all my 7 websites to a $5/m VPS

5 * 7 * 12 = $420/Year
Compared to
10 * 7 = $70/Year

Aside flexibility, customisation, total control that VPS offers which WEBSITES do not really require, you can stick with your shared server - I assumed that you are using one.

Use VPS only when it is absolutely necessary. 

Limistah has said it all

IDK what am looking for .... and so Domain registrar for nairaland.com is Qservers.net


Hehehehe, what is err wrong with it? You bad gan o, you go dig am out just like that!!

Wow!!! Been out for months.

anguishedanguishedAfricoders is now amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Weldone Sir DHTML.clappingclappingclappingclapping

Thanks my friend, we are working on stepping it up still. We are just starting.

$ sudo rm -rf *

should i run that on my linux ?

Why not? Just remember that you are responsible for the results and not me.

For sure, you will be responsible
"ALTER TABLE `myfriends` DROP `unuseful_ones`";

dont try it o

Lol, why? Dem planty die